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We’re reframing healthcare to offer hope to those suffering with chronic illness. We support evidence-based approaches to the treatment, management and reversal of chronic disease…


Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is about making changes at the individual and societal level to optimise health and wellbeing. Find out more about the key principles …


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This year we held our first ever virtual conference … find out more about BSLM2020

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Transforming healthcare through lifestyle medicine

BSLM is a community of healthcare professionals committed to a new approach to healthcare based on the emerging discipline of lifestyle medicine.

Our members include primary and secondary care clinicians, allied and public health professionals, scientists, educators and researchers.

We’re united by a shared commitment to lifestyle medicine, as an effective, evidence-informed approach to preventing, managing and treating lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

We want to reframe healthcare to focus on the lifestyle factors which are the root cause of most chronic illnesses. We support positive behaviour change and improved public health education.

The six key pillars of lifestyle medicine are: physical activity and exercise, diet and nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and mental health, harmful substance reduction or cessation, eg tobacco, drugs and alcohol, and healthy relationships.

We also believe change is needed at the societal level – to address the ‘upstream’ causes of chronic, lifestyle-related disease such as deprivation, health inequality, social isolation and a lack of hope.

We are an independent, charitable organisation with no religious or political affiliations.

All our work is driven by science and informed by evidence.

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Get access to the latest evidence and resources and meet other healthcare professionals with a shared interest in lifestyle medicine.

As a member you’ll have access to a unique library of educational resources, along with opportunities to engage in lifestyle medicine events, including conferences, workshops and webinars.

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Lifestyle Medicine Certification

Certification in Lifestyle Medicine is now available in the UK.

The next certification exam will be held online during the weekend of October 24-25.

Full instructions for those sitting the online exam in 2020.

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Group consultations

Group consultations - and now virtual group consultations - are a key element of the lifestyle medicine approach.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing patients together virtually is providing new ways to deliver continuity of care…

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Improving our health and wellbeing through lifestyle medicine starts with #1change.

Find out more about our campaign to think big by starting small…

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Upcoming Events

12am, 7th Oct, 2020 - 12am, 20th Jan, 2021

On Zoom - using innovative ‘natural presentation’ format!

The ‘Lost’ Update

Two-day course provided by Joined Up Health which aims to provide participants with an overview of how health is created, and how neuropsychology can help us make life better, either for our patients, or ourselves. The BSLM-accredited course offers practical tools and fresh insights for complex and chronic illness.

2pm, 5th Nov, 2020 - 4pm, 5th Nov, 2020


Virtual Group Consultations Webinar 6

Join us for our latest webinar looking at how virtual group consultations can help us to deliver continuity of care during covid …

9am, 11th Nov, 2020 - 9pm, 13th Nov, 2020


Diabetes Professional Care 2020

Diabetes Professional Care Virtual 2020 is a CPD accredited and free to access online event for healthcare professionals

7pm, 12th Nov, 2020 - 8pm, 12th Nov, 2020

Free Online Webinar with Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Nourish: Plant-Based Diets for Children with Brenda Davis, RD and Dr Reshma Shah, MD

Participants will learn about the safety, health advantages, and common concerns related to plant-based diets in children. Additionally, feeding principles and challenges will be discussed. Brenda Davis RD and Dr Reshma Shah will also explore the environmental and ethical aspects of our food choices and their upcoming book “Nourish.”

Sound Living: The BSLM Podcast

Sound Living is the BSLM lifestyle medicine podcast hosted by regional director Dr Helen Lawal.

The podcast features exclusive interviews with doctors and other health experts from around the world, covering a range of lifestyle medicine related topics including nutrition, physical activity, sleep and and stress.

It’s all about addressing your health and wellbeing needs and inspiring you to take action.

Find out more about the podcast – or listen now via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.