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Transforming healthcare and levelling health inequalities through lifestyle medicine

BSLM is a community of healthcare professionals and patients, committed to a new approach to healthcare, based on the emerging discipline of lifestyle medicine.

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Lifestyle Medicine is evidence-based, clinical care that supports behaviour change through person-centered techniques to improve mental wellbeing, social connection, healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and minimisation of harmful substances and behaviours.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

This week is all about Lifestyle Medicine and is from the 18th-24th of May. From Monday 20th to Friday 24th we’re going to be covering the 6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine! We hope that the content and exclusive recordings can either begin or enhance your Lifestyle Medicine journey. We aim to provide you with information, evidence and resources moving forward around all-things-lifestyle-medicine.

In honour of Lifestyle Medicine week, everyone is now able to watch Member-Exclusive recordings related to the 6 pillars from our Previous BSLM conferences and events!

Day 5: Harmful Substances / Social Connection

Harmful Substances

Social Connection

The Principles of Lifestyle Medicine

Acknowledge the Need for Action on Socioeconomic Determinants of Health

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Knowledge of “The Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine”

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Proven techniques to support people to sustain lifestyle changes

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The Six Pillars Of Lifestyle Medicine

Learn the evidence behind the six key pillars that form the lifestyle medicine principles

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Free Resources

Access a range of free lifestyle medicine evidence and resources, designed to equip you with key lifestyle medicine knowledge

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Improving our health and wellbeing through lifestyle medicine starts with #1change. Find out more about our campaign to think big by starting small.

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Whether you’re a healthcare professional, patient, student or member of the public, there is a membership option for everyone.


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BSLM 2024 Conference

Our flagship annual conference, featuring industry-leading insight on a range of topical and important areas within healthcare

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Core Accreditation

An interactive, immersive programme which will provide learners with the attitudes and theoretical knowledge behind Lifestyle Medicine.

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The Skills of Lifestyle Medicine

Find out about the different evidence-based techniques used to support behaviour change

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Ensuring lifestyle medicine education gets to those that need it the most is critical, but education alone is not enough to create sustainable lifestyle changes. There are various skills that have proven to be successful in supporting patients in this regard.

Lifestyle medicine calls for a move away from the traditional doctor-patient relationship where the clinician is the expert information provider. This is needed because we now know that giving simple lifestyle advice such as “eat less and move more” is often ineffective1 2

To be effective in supporting lifestyle change, lifestyle medicine uses knowledge of behavioural science to work with patients. This way we can work with people and their values to support problem solving and equip them with skills to make the changes they want to make. Some of these techniques have been shown to be at least 80% more effective in supporting behaviour change than traditional advice giving 3

Our members include primary and secondary care clinicians, allied and public health professionals, scientists, educators, researchers and patients.

We’re united by a shared commitment to lifestyle medicine, as an effective, evidence-informed approach to preventing, managing and treating lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

We want to reframe healthcare to focus on the lifestyle factors which are the root cause of most chronic illnesses. We support positive behaviour change and improved public health education.

We also believe change is needed at the societal level – to address the ‘upstream’ causes of chronic, lifestyle-related disease such as deprivation, health inequality, social isolation and a lack of hope.

We are an independent, charitable organisation with no religious or political affiliations.

All our work is driven by science and informed by evidence.

What’s Going on at BSLM?

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9.10am, 28th May, 2024 - 5.00pm, 28th May, 2024

Online Zoom Webinar

BSLM Lifestyle Medicine Nutrition Seminar

Join us at BSLM for a seminar dedicated to nutrition and lifestyle medicine and learn about how to maximise health through nutrition – Tickets are £70 for non-members and £55 for members (this is currently excluding the eventbrite fee).

9.00am, 4th Jun, 2024 - 4.00pm, 6th Jun, 2024

Nottingham, UK

British Pain Society 57th Annual General Meeting

The ASM’s high-quality scientific programme will provide you with the latest research and developments in the pain field as well as opportunities and challenges faced by the pain community. The meeting will offer a variety of sessions on the clinical management and understanding of pain, including debates, lectures, workshops, and parallel sessions which will stimulate further scientific discussions and shape the future of the field. Join us in Nottingham and be a part of the advancement.

12.00am, 5th Jun, 2024 - 12.00am, 8th Jun, 2024

Crithoni's Paradise Hotel, Leros, Greece

Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute 2nd International Symposium

Join the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute for their 2nd International Symposium with the theme of “Exploring the health effects of the traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle: What is known and what needs to be done.” INVITE ONLY

12.00am, 6th Jun, 2024 - 5.00pm, 8th Jun, 2024

QEII Centre, London

Integrative & Personalised Medicine Congress 2024

Join 2000+ healthcare professionals at the IPM congress, incorporating a cutting-edge conference, international exhibition and CPD approved workshops designed for medical & healthcare professionals focusing on whole-person, patient-centred care.

Lifestyle Medicine Podcasts

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