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22nd – 24th of September Tottenham Hotspur Stadium


Transforming healthcare and levelling health inequalities through lifestyle medicine

BSLM is a community of healthcare professionals and patients, committed to a new approach to healthcare, based on the emerging discipline of lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine is evidence-based, clinical care that supports behaviour change through person-centered techniques to improve mental wellbeing, social connection, healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and minimisation of harmful substances and behaviours.

The Three Principles of Lifestyle Medicine

Acknowledge the need for action on socioeconomic determinants of health
Proven techniques to support people to sustain lifestyle changes
Knowledge of “The 6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine”

The Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

Healthy Eating
Lifestyle Medicine supports people to reduce consumption of ultra-processed foods by teaching the knowledge and skills required to follow healthier eating patterns of people’s own choosing.

Mental Wellbeing
Lifestyle medicine teaches proven techniques to reduce stress and help people with relaxation. Practitioners support people to find purpose in life and improve health through connection with nature.

Healthy Relationships
Lifestyle medicine supports people to develop and sustain healthy and meaningful relationships and increase social connection to reduce stress and promote both physical and mental health.

Physical Activity
Lifestyle Medicine supports people to choose ways they could incorporate more physical activity in their lives, as well as reducing time spent sitting down.

Minimising Harmful Substances
Lifestyle Medicine supports people to stop smoking, reduce excessive alcohol consumption, avoid addictive substances and behaviours such as gambling or harmfully excessive internet or social media use.

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to achieve good quality sleep and avoid behaviours which can impair sleep quality.
Our members include primary and secondary care clinicians, allied and public health professionals, scientists, educators, researchers and patients.

We’re united by a shared commitment to lifestyle medicine, as an effective, evidence-informed approach to preventing, managing and treating lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

We want to reframe healthcare to focus on the lifestyle factors which are the root cause of most chronic illnesses. We support positive behaviour change and improved public health education.

We also believe change is needed at the societal level – to address the ‘upstream’ causes of chronic, lifestyle-related disease such as deprivation, health inequality, social isolation and a lack of hope.

We are an independent, charitable organisation with no religious or political affiliations.

All our work is driven by science and informed by evidence.

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Get access to the latest evidence and resources and meet other healthcare professionals with a shared interest in lifestyle medicine.

As a member you’ll have access to a unique library of educational resources, along with opportunities to engage in lifestyle medicine events, including conferences, workshops and webinars.

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Lifestyle Medicine Certification

Certification in Lifestyle Medicine is now available in the UK.

The next IBLM/BSLM certification exam will be held in a test centre near you between the 27th of November and 11th of December 2021

Full instructions for those sitting the online exam in 2021.

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The BSLM Learning Academy

A trusted source of knowledge and education for health care professionals and patients using lifestyle change as medication. The BSLM Learning Academy offers various self-paced, cpd-accredited, lifestyle medicine e-learning for physicians and other health professionals.
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Improving our health and wellbeing through lifestyle medicine starts with #1change.

Find out more about our campaign to think big by starting small...
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Upcoming Events

5pm, 3rd Jan, 2021 - 6pm, 7th Jan, 2024

Online Webinars

Afternoon Tea with Docs

Join Afternoon Tea with Docs for evidence-based lifestyle medicine discussions every Sunday at 5 pm on Zoom.

12am, 1st Jan, 2022 - 12pm, 1st Jan, 2023

Online at Inspired Medics

Inspired Medics – Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice

Online Digital CPD Course 2. Accredited for 10 CPD hours by BSLM. This course has been created for busy NHS clincians to enable them to practice evidence- based Lifestyle Medicine with their patients. CPD which is inspiring and will help you to feel more fulfilled in your own career.

7pm, 31st Aug, 2022 - 8pm, 31st Aug, 2022


Online Based Event – Free Physical Activity Training

Join this free online training session on physical activity for the prevention and management of long-term conditions, held by Dr Varun Anand. A national network of expert Physical Activity Clinical Champions is delivering FREE tailored, peer to peer online training sessions to groups of NHS healthcare professionals (HCPs), trainees and students.

8am, 22nd Sep, 2022 - 5pm, 24th Sep, 2022

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

BSLM 2022 Annual Conference

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s sixth annual conference takes place between September 22nd-24th

Sound Living: The BSLM Podcast

Sound Living is the BSLM lifestyle medicine podcast hosted by regional director Dr Helen Lawal.

The podcast features exclusive interviews with doctors and other health experts from around the world, covering a range of lifestyle medicine related topics including nutrition, physical activity, sleep and and stress.

It’s all about addressing your health and wellbeing needs and inspiring you to take action.

Find out more about the podcast – or listen now via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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Reflecting on BSLM 2021

One of the key ways we deliver Lifestyle Medicine is through our Annual Conference. This 3 day event for anyone interested in LM, provides access to the latest scientific evidence and thinking from a broad range of medical disciplines and school of thought. Watch this video for some highlights from our 2021 conference.