The BSLM aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases.
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Scientists are telling us we are entering a new epoch. The last one has lasted 12,000 years, covers years of stable climate and is called the Holocene epoch. The new epoch is called the Anthropocene, the first created by mankind
Sitting in a small cold room with more than 50 patients waiting outside in a very deprived area of Pakistan, is probably not what most imagine to be an ideal setting for a lifestyle clinic. Yet there I was discussing healthy lifestyle habits with my 9th diabetic patient in row.
I signed up for the Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine for many reasons. And there is no doubt that the course has benefited so many aspects of my practice as a GP. But the more skills I gain in treating patients using non-drug modalities
Eating for Planetary Health
Posted by Tim Smith on 6 Jun 2019
Should you go low fat or low carb? Vegan or paleo? Ketogenic? Mediterranean? Pescatarian? The truth is it's extremely difficult to prove that there's one universal diet that's superior to all others, certainly in terms of its effects on health and peak performance.
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