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“There is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the basic evidence for the impact of nutrition and physical activity on health among the overwhelming majority of doctors. This has its roots in the lack of early formal training”

Letter to the Medical Schools Council and General Medical Council from doctors including Dr David Haslam (Chairman of the National Obesity Forum) and Sir Richard Thompson (past president of the Royal College of Physicians)

“We are failing to change unhealthy behaviours, particularly those related to diet quality, caloric intake and physical activity, in part due to inadequate policy attention and funding for public health and behavioural research”

Professor Christopher Murray, Author of The Global Burden of Disease Studies, The Lancet.

“Overprescribing is a serious problem in health systems …..[it] is when the patient is prescribed a medicine, when there would have been a better alternative. An example of this would be a patient being given a medicine to reduce their blood pressure when changes to diet and lifestyle would be more appropriate for them”

Rudge K, (2021), Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England Report; Good for You, Good for Us, Good for Everybody, Department of Health and Social Care.

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