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The BSLM Core Accreditation in Lifestyle Medicine is an interactive, immersive programme which will provide learners with the attitudes and theoretical knowledge behind Lifestyle Medicine. It builds on that foundation with the practical skills to enable Lifestyle Medicine theory to be used in work and personal life.

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BSLM offers an alternative MOC pathway, whereby BSLM LM Certification Diplomates have the opportunity for on-going maintenance instead of 10 year recertification.

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What do studies show?


Clinicians surveyed that discuss stress or physical exercise with their patients 1


GPs surveyed that didn’t know the UK recommended activity guidance2


Medical Students and Doctors that agreed nutrition is important and they should play a key role 3 but when dietary counselling occurred, it was of poor quality4


Clinicians surveyed that were not aware of any evidence-based lifestyle guidelines for cancer survivors5

Aims of the Learning Academy

Since BSLM was founded in 2016, lifestyle medicine education has been at the core of our work. To date, over 600 healthcare professionals have taken the BSLM/IBLM Lifestyle Medicine board certification exam enabling them to offer more options to their patients. The academy plans to be the UK’s leading provider of lifestyle medicine education. There is currently a huge need and demand for lifestyle medicine education for clinicians of all backgrounds.

Primary care nurses perform the majority of long-term disease reviews, health coaches and social prescribing link workers are playing a larger role in the NHS – all these roles have an urgent need for up-to-date knowledge of the 3 principles of lifestyle medicine; addressing socioeconomic determinants, behaviour change skills and the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine.

High quality lifestyle medicine education is essential if we are to support patients to lead healthier lives, with more options than medications or surgery and more emphasis on what matters to them. It has the potential to protect the NHS and its workforce, reduce the impact of pandemics, turn the tide of long-term chronic conditions and address health inequalities.

BSLM ensures that all our staff our inducted into the organisation with broad lifestyle medicine education and this includes . This ensures they’re adequately equipped to engage and support our growing community, but also to make positive, educated changes to themselves and their own family and network. One of our recent new team members completed the Lifestyle Medicine: An Overview Course and shared her key takeaway.

“Taking into consideration the socioeconomic status of people when considering advising them on lifestyle changes to benefit their health and wellbeing is crucial. Person centred care that acknowledges the challenges people face in their lives I think is central to saving amazing resources like the NHS. It would hugely benefit not just people on a personal level but could potentially cut massive costs for health boards across the country”

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BSLM also works closely with partners to ensure our members have access to other courses, focused on the pillars of lifestyle medicine. You can find our partner courses here.

Working With the Learning Academy

Our Learning Academy Team continues to build as we grow, tapping in to experts across various fields to ensure comprehensive experience, knowledge and perspectives are shared with Learners through each course and qualification.


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