Certification in Lifestyle Medicine (Board Certification) now available in the UK.

By signing up for the Certification through BSLM, you are paying for the registration fee and IBLM exam. Eligibility for the exam relies on completion of separate pre-requisites. We have listed these below, with the recommended way of achieving:

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BSLM is officially accredited to offer the opportunity to obtain certification from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM).
Certification can be undertaken from a clinical or public health perspective. Certification demonstrates your commitment to, and expertise in, Lifestyle Medicine, augmenting your clinical or public health practice, with a solid grounding in preventing, managing and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

  • IBLM/BSLM Certified Physician – Physicians registered to work in the UK (or Europe where local Society does not exist)
  • IBLM/BSLM Certified Professional – Health professionals with a Masters or PhD
  • BSLM Certified Practitioner – Health practitioners at Degree level
Registration & pricing

  • Certified Physician* – £1,395.00 (single up-front payment)
  • Certified Professional** – £1,195.00 (single up-front payment)
  • Certified Practitioner** – £1,195.00 (single up-front payment) *Including Registration fee £300 which is non-refundable **Including Registration fee £260 which is non-refundable

Watch the videos below to better understand the reasons for certification and the importance of having an internationally-recognised and consistent standard for Lifestyle Medicine professionals.

About the BSLM Diplomate

What the Students Say

We are now accepting new applications for the 2022 diploma. Application form below.

It is not compulsory to become a member of the BSLM to sign up for the diploma although of course we are grateful for the support of the charity should you wish to do so.

Maintenance of Certification

In accordance with international standards, health care professionals must recertify in a chosen field every 10 years. This means diplomates must repeat the certification process, submitting the required prerequisites, paying the full amount for the exam and enduring the stress of studying and sitting for the exam. Many board-certified physicians and allied health professionals do not find this a satisfactory course of action, so the alternative is the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) pathway.

Up until 2021, the IBLM pathway has been the only option available, but many Diplomates have been keen to ensure that there is UK & European context to this continued learning and therefore we are delighted to confirm that maintenance of certification in the UK is now available through BSLM.

Our MOC programme is aligned with that of the IBLM and by continuing to maintain your Diploma you will not be required to re-sit the exam after the 10 year period has lapsed.

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If you have any further questions about Lifestyle Medicine Certification please email office@bslm.org.uk and book a personal call in with one of our study group leaders.

From the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine

Registration & Pricing
Registrations for the 2022 diploma exam are now open. The exam will be held in a test centre near you from 26th November to 11th December – More details can be provided from office@bslm.org.uk

If you are a BSLM member please ensure you are logged in before completing the form below. To become a BSLM member first, please click here.

A reminder that it is not compulsory to become a member to sign up for the Diploma (although we, of course, appreciate the support of our charity), you will receive full access as a member until completion of your exam.

*Please utilise name as per ID for Certification & Exam entrance purposes

*Including Registration fee £300 which is non-refundable
**Including Registration fee £260 which is non-refundable