Aligned Organisations are those groups that share a common goal with BSLM, namely in the promotion of healthier lifestyles through one of the six pillars of Lifestyle medicine: physical activity, nutrition and diet, sleep, stress reduction and mental health, harmful substance reduction or cessation and healthy relationships. The purpose of Aligned Organisation status is to share aspirations through position statements with organisations operating in niche areas and to encourage debate and discourse in the wider LM community. BSLM is a broad “church” and as such will align with organisations who may seem to be at odds with each other. As long as those groups we align with are entrenched in evidence based science, we are happy to be part of the debate. Where aligned groups have a commercial element, BSLM will not endorse products or specific activities and programmes, unless these have been approved separately through BSLM’s accreditation process. For more information about aligned organisation status, please contact us at

The Royal Society of Medicine is one of the country’s major providers of postgraduate medical education. Independent and apolitical, the RSM promotes an exchange of information and ideas on the science, practice and organisation of medicine.

Visit the Royal Society of Medicine Website

As the national governing body for swimming in England, we cover every area of swimming.

From learners to teachers, athletes to coaches, we support people to achieve their best in the water. Our tutor programmes and CPDs ensure everyone involved in the delivery of swimming is highly trained.

Visit Swim England’s Website

Move Dance Feel CIC is dedicated to promoting the health benefits of dance for women living with and beyond cancer (any type of cancer), including those caring for someone with cancer or bereaved by cancer. We provide creative, collaborative and joyful dance activity specifically designed to enhance participant wellbeing and offer holistic support.

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MAN v FAT was established due to the lack of effective and engaging weight management provision for men. Since then we’ve built a thriving community of men looking to loss weight and improve their mental, physical and social health. We aim to redress the balance that only 15-20% of those who get weight loss support in the UK are male.

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TTM is a gateway to mental wellbeing within the public realm. Our mission is to assist people in harnessing the power of the outdoors through bold campaigns and free access to wellbeing exercises.

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Building upon first-hand experience of successfully implementing a low-carb lifestyle to combat type 2 diabetes, we aim to become a thriving online marketplace; a trustworthy source of products, ingredients, knowledge, recipes and services for anyone interested in reaping the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle.

Visit The Low Carb Food Co’s Website

We are the sector’s chartered professional development body. We are committed to supporting, developing and enabling professionals and organisations to succeed in the sport and physical activity sector and, as a result, inspire our nation to become more active. CIMSPA helps to nurture talent, develop careers, inspire professionalism and set clear regulatory standards for success, continuing the development of a modern, prosperous and respected sport and physical activity sector.

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Beat COVID is currently running a ‘Get Prepared’ campaign to protect the wellness of our invaluable NHS staff through this difficult period of the pandemic. Beat COVID’s focus is on four key areas of lifestyle related change: mindfulness, nutrition, sleep and physical activity. The initiative was set up by junior doctor James Grove and newly qualified doctor William Gao.

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The Children’s Sleep Charity is a national, award-winning charity supporting children with sleep issues. They provide support for families and accredited training for professionals and commercial organisations.

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Lost Chord is an innovative charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being of those living with dementia using interactive musical stimuli to increase their general awareness and self esteem.

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The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) is the professional body for organisations and individuals who use the outdoors to make a difference for others. We are driven by a vision of Outdoor Learning as a highly valued form of development, education and employment in UK society.

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The mission of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK is to provide evidence-based education for health-professionals and the general public on plant-based nutrition and other lifestyle interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Visit the The PBHPUK Website

Connect. Motivate. Transform. Inspired Medics run CPD events for GPs and provide medics with education which helps to inspire, motivate and connect like-minded people. Inspired Medics will allow you to transform your practice to encompass using Lifestyle Medicine in your consultations, which will help patients with chronic disease, and will help you feel more fulfilled in your career.

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At PBHO our mission is to help you reach your best health in the easiest way possible. We aim to achieve this by supporting you through simple but evidence-based lifestyle changes.

Visit the The PBH Online Website

Penny Brohn UK is a national charity specialising in a holistic approach to cancer, known as the Bristol Whole Life Approach. We’ve helped and supported thousands of people through their experience of cancer for over 35 years and we know our approach really does work.

Visit the The Penny Braun UK Website

East Lothian Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation Group is a small charity, established in 1992, aiming to offer gentle exercise, relaxation, and advice for patients living in East Lothian who have heart problems, who may have undergone heart surgery, suffer lung problems, have diabetes or just want to get fitter through our “Rest of Life Programme” (ROLP). Gentle exercises for all.

Visit the The ELCRG Website

Our vision and aspiration is that by working together and working in more flexible and innovative ways, we can not only deliver improved access for patients but also improve our working lives.

Visit the The Primary Care Sheffield Website

Becoming a BSLM aligned organisation

Aligned organisations share BSLM’s goal of promoting better health using the six pillars of lifestyle medicine: physical activity, nutrition and diet, sleep, stress reduction and mental health, harmful substance reduction/cessation and healthy relationships.

We welcome applications from organisations wishing to align with BSLM who share our aspiration to reframe healthcare and tackle chronic disease. Aligned organisations are listed on our website and we will endeavour to work together to improve health and wellbeing by preparing joint position statements, sharing each other’s news and content and encouraging constructive debate and discourse in the wider LM community. We will tell the world about you and hope you will tell the world about us!

BSLM aligned organisations represent a range of interests and approaches – and won’t necessarily agree on everything. We do, however, expect all aligned organisations to share our commitment to a scientific, evidence-based approach to health improvement.

Where aligned groups have a commercial element, BSLM will not endorse products or specific activities and programmes, unless these have been approved separately through BSLM’s accreditation process.

If you are interested in becoming a BSLM aligned organisation please contact the BSLM office via