It’s time for #1change!

BSLM’s #1change campaign aims to encourage everyone to think of one small thing they can do to reduce the risk of chronic illness.

We know that making healthy lifestyle changes isn’t always easy. Many people face barriers to healthier living and socio-economic factors play a big role too. BSLM is here to support you, not to blame or judge you. And the good news is lifestyle medicine gives you the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Lifestyle medicine is all about offering people hope – the hope that chronic, lifestyle related diseases can be prevented, treated, managed and reversed.
And the best place to start is with a commitment to making #1change!

As you begin your journey, BSLM is here to encourage and help you. So read on for some #1change ideas and inspiration …

power of lifestyle medicine movement

Using the TBC Approach

Here’s one way you can do this … by using the TBC approach

Trigger – Choose something you commonly do daily e.g. brush teeth

Behaviour – Think of something you want to change – e.g. do push-ups. Start with one just to establish the habit. Every time you brush your teeth, do a push-up!

Celebrate – pat yourself on your back every time you “brush and push”, and share your success with your friends.

Find out more about our campaign to think big by starting small …

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Our top #1change tips

Start with just one new behaviour at a time.

Once you’ve been doing it for a month or more, try another.

Dorothy Keith of The Warblers of East Lothian:

“On the last day of Pulmonary Rehab you do a walking test. I was absolutely disgusted with myself when I only managed 2.5 minutes when I had to stop as I was so breathless. However, when returning for my annual check up I did 10 minutes talking to the physiotherapist the whole time.”

“I put that down mainly to the singing. It does you good and really helps with your breathing. We do exercises to change breathing habits and increase the length of the exhale, and are often amazed at what we can achieve!”