BSLM Mission & Values

BSLM Mission Statement

BSLM is an independent, evidence-informed, non-profit-making and diverse regulated charitable organisation dedicated to promoting Lifestyle as Medicine as per our mission statement with honesty, transparency and integrity.

In particular BSLM recognises the primacy of science, and promotes the adoption of practical tools in management of the wider determinants of lifestyle related disease. BSLM does not adhere to any single approach to nutrition, and encourages a range of dietary approaches that are supported by appropriate scientific evidence. It has no religious affiliations and no political affiliations.

BSLM is registered as a member of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance which has (free) membership for properly constituted Lifestyle Medicine Societies around the world. We are regulated by the Office of Scottish Charities Regulator and produce annual reports and independently verified accounts for lodging and public scrutiny.

Our income derives from membership subscriptions, some educational events and Lifestyle Medicine Certification exam fees. One third of the exam fee is paid to the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine which has ‘ownership’ of the exam. All other outgoings relate solely to BSLM activities including running educational events for society members, health professionals, students and members of the public.

All the Trustees are elected at our AGM and serve out their duties very diligently. None of the Trustees benefit financially from membership of BSLM. Those who are doctors are encouraged to register their financial interests with

There are no pre-requisites to membership beyond an assumption that the BSLM mission statement resonates with members and with which they agree.

BSLM members include GPs and medical specialists, allied health practitioners, public health physicians, educators, and researchers. We advocate for a multidisciplinary, multi-system approach to the chronic disease problem and we provide education, training and support for members in their practice of Lifestyle Medicine.

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

View our annual report and financial statement for the year ended 31st October 2018

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine has been shaped by the natural evolution of Medicine. It is an established approach that focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations. It combines the broad facets of modern healthcare practices with the deeper understanding of being human. In the 21st century it has never been more important as a concept. And that is to create a society and an environment, from cell to community, which nurtures healthy longevity.

It requires an understanding and acknowledgement of the physical, emotional, environmental and social determinants of disease. Hence the LM practitioner will engage with patients and operate within a boundary of evidence-informed medicine. One where the patients’ ideas, values, mind-set and social context blend with the clinicians’ expertise and also with clinical research outcomes, in order to identify a health-and-wellbeing sweet-spot which is unique to the patient. Thus empowered, the patient will be enabled to take control of their health destiny.

Importantly, Lifestyle Medicine has a wider responsibility to recognise upstream determinants of disease and to promote population health, to protect ecological health and to reduce health inequity. This requires a realistic team approach and recognition that not one discipline or profession alone can meet our health needs.

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