The Latest Events

8am, 22nd Sep, 2022 - 5pm, 24th Sep, 2022

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

BSLM 2022 Annual Conference

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s sixth annual conference takes place between September 22nd-24th

9am, 1st Oct, 2021 - 5pm, 1st Oct, 2022

Online Course

Plant Based Nutrition at the University of Winchester

A global shift to a predominantly plant-based diet is deemed necessary to preserve both human and planetary health. But what is a healthy plant-based diet? How can it be achieved? What are the benefits? All these questions will be answered in this short course, designed for those interested in improving their knowledge and expertise in the field of plant-based nutrition

9am, 23rd Feb, 2022 - 5pm, 13th Jun, 2022

Lifestyle Medicine as a Changemaker 2022

A powerful idea, a campaign, a movement…

7pm, 26th May, 2022 - 8pm, 26th May, 2022

Free Online Webinar with Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Plant Based Diets and Cardiometabolic Disease

with Dr Monica Aggarwal, preventive cardiologist, Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Florida

7pm, 7th Jun, 2022 - 8pm, 7th Jun, 2022

Online Zoom Webinar

IBLM/BSLM Lifestyle Medicine Certification: Info Session

Join this info session and learn why you should undertake the BSLM 2022 Certification.

7pm, 8th Jun, 2022 - 8pm, 8th Jun, 2022

Free Online Webinar with Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Plant based diets in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

with Angeline Taylor, Renal Dietitian

12pm, 9th Jun, 2022 - 2pm, 9th Jun, 2022

Yakult Science Webinar: The Microbiome, apetite & cardiometabolic health

The Yakult Science Team are running virtual CPD event on 9th June 2022 (12-2pm) exploring the relationship between the microbiome, appetite regulation and cardiometabolic health.