Upcoming Events

We are currently putting in place plans to organise a virtual lifestyle medicine conference during September 2020. This will replace our planned event atTwickenham Stadium in London which we have cancelled as a result of COVID-19 Coronavirus. Details to be confirmed shortly.

03 Sep to Sep. 05 2020 Edinburgh UK - virtual conference

Participants will learn about the safety and benefits of plant-based diets for children as well as what supplements or nutritional considerations are important for this way of eating in children.

05 Aug 2020 Free Online Zoom Webinar

The fully virtual 6th International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research is a leading annual international scientific meeting in nutrition education and associated research with scientific dialogue attracting delegates who are key opinion leaders in the field.

26 Sep 2020 Virtual Event

Join us for the 3rd Kernow British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Cornwall on December 7th 2020.

07 Dec 2020 Pavilion Centre, Wadebridge, Cornwall

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine aims to bring together individuals and organisations supporting a transformation in healthcare which encompasses a broad model of conventional, lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches to improve health and wellbeing.

26 Feb to Feb. 28 2021 Queen Elizabeth II Centre London UK

There are no more events.