Become an accredited BSLM Group Consultations Facilitator


Clinical care has changed substantially during the Covid-19 pandemic making it even more important to support and promote the type of whole person, patient-centred care provided by group and virtual group consultations.

Group consultations are one of the few healthcare interventions which can deliver on healthcare’s quadruple aim (better patient and staff experience and outcomes at lower cost: Sikka, Morath & Leape, 2015) – and they are a key element of the lifestyle medicine approach. Virtual group consultations are now spreading rapidly with active support from NHS England and Wales – and good facilitation is a critical success factor.

Against this backdrop, we are now offering group and virtual group consultation facilitators the opportunity to become accredited via the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. We want people to get effective high-quality care, and incentivising the development of facilitators supports that, as well as embedding team support and learning within the delivery of care.

The skills of a facilitator are interchangeable whether group clinics are being delivered in person or online, so accreditation is being made available whether you have experience in group consultations, virtual group consultations, or both.



How to apply

We are now accepting applications to become a BSLM accredited group consultations facilitator

If you are interested in applying please email

To obtain accreditation, facilitators must demonstrate that they are trained and have met the standards set out in the BSLM Accreditation Standards Framework.

You will also need to provide evidence of your experience of delivering group consultations in the form of a reflective logbook.

Download BSLM Accreditation Standards Framework

Download example of reflective log book


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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible?

Accreditation is available to anyone who facilitates face-to-face or virtual group consultations and meets the standards. This includes healthcare assistants, link workers, social prescribers and receptionists / administrators who extend their roles to help deliver care in this way, as well as nurses and allied health professionals who regularly deliver virtual group consultations primarily in the facilitator role.


How much does it cost to become accredited?

It costs £95 to become accredited as a group consultations facilitator – however this assumes training has been received.


What are the benefits of becoming accredited?

Accreditation will help individuals and healthcare organisations to:

  • Better identify personal and organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Document their capacity to deliver core functions
  • Extend roles
  • Promote transparency
  • Improve management processes and appraisal
  • Stimulate quality improvement and performance management
  • Increase accountability to community members, stakeholders, and policymakers
  • Improve communication with governing entities/board of health/NHS


Do I have to work in the UK?

No, although we anticipate most facilitators will be UK-based. Although we are the first lifestyle medicine society to offer accreditation, we anticipate our sister organisations under the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance umbrella may offer their own accreditation. Sharing and collaborating internationally helps Lifestyle Medicine spread.