The Learning Academy was set up to respond to the need for a trusted source of lifestyle medicine education and knowledge. We will deliver education that is practical, up-to-date and evidence-based.

The Learning Academy will:

  • Embed lifestyle medicine approaches into good quality healthcare practice
  • Give a wide range of health care professionals and practitioners access to the evidence-base around lifestyle medicine
  • Equip health care providers with the skills and practical tools to support patients
  • Ensure that lifestyle medicine, when used in the consulting room with individuals and small groups can address the socio-economic determinants of health and reduce health inequalities
  • Offer a balance between theory and practice
  • Support healthcare professionals and practitioners to meet the growing demand among patients for support to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Promote further research into the use of lifestyle medicine to improve health

As the UK’s leading lifestyle medicine charity, BSLM is best placed to deliver on these ambitions.