The Latest Events

12am, 1st Jan, 2021 - 12am, 1st Jan, 2022

Online at Inspired Medics

Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice

Online Digital CPD Course 2. Accredited for 10 CPD hours by BSLM. This course has been created for busy NHS clincians to enable them to practice evidence- based Lifestyle Medicine with their patients. CPD which is inspiring and will help you to feel more fulfilled in your own career.

9am, 1st Jan, 2021 - 4pm, 1st Jan, 2022

Online Webinars

Afternoon Tea with Docs

We created Afternoon Tea with Docs as a free educational platform for the general public and patients to spread the message of evidence-based lifestyle medicine in chronic disease management through friendly conversations every Sunday at 5 pm on Zoom.

9am, 8th Apr, 2021 - 5pm, 30th Apr, 2022

Online Webinars

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Webinars

In 2021, making sure we stay connected and keep learning has never been more important. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all had to find new ways to keep in touch – and thanks to the wonders of modern technology we’ve adapted and made the best of difficult circumstances.

9am, 8th Apr, 2021 - 5pm, 8th Apr, 2022

BSLM Online Info Session

Quarterly Diploma Info Sessions

BSLM is offering a quarterly information session for those interested in completing the IBLM/BSLM LM Certification. Certification can be undertaken from a clinical or public health perspective and demonstrates your commitment to, and expertise in, Lifestyle Medicine, augmenting your clinical or public health practice with a solid grounding in preventing, managing and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

9am, 5th May, 2021 - 5pm, 5th May, 2022

Online video course

Reset Your Health – supporting great health, individually

Reset Your Health enables anyone to make sustainable and meaningful changes to their diet by providing them with recipes tailored to their individual health conditions or dietary requirements. It’s aimed at anyone who wants to take control of their health.

9am, 1st Oct, 2021 - 5pm, 1st Oct, 2022

Online Course

Plant Based Nutrition at the University of Winchester

A global shift to a predominantly plant-based diet is deemed necessary to preserve both human and planetary health. But what is a healthy plant-based diet? How can it be achieved? What are the benefits? All these questions will be answered in this short course, designed for those interested in improving their knowledge and expertise in the field of plant-based nutrition

7pm, 6th Oct, 2021 - 9pm, 28th Nov, 2021

Online on Zoom

Stress Management and Resiliency Training (S.M.A.R.T.)

The course introduces practical tools for stress management through relaxation, stress recognition and coping strategies, along with supporting science. It is suitable for adults and here, it is aimed at health professionals who will gain new tools for helping others.

9am, 13th Oct, 2021 - 5pm, 14th Oct, 2021

Online Event

Respiratory Professional Care

Respiratory Professional Care returns for its second year on the 13 & 14 October 2021 at The NEC Birmingham, welcoming the entire respiratory community.

9am, 30th Nov, 2021 - 5pm, 1st Dec, 2021

Hybrid event (in London as well as online)

GIANT Health Event 2021

The GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Event is “Europe’s largest, most valuable annual festival of health-tech innovation”- Financial Times

9am, 1st Feb, 2021 - 5pm, 15th Feb, 2022

Online Webinars

Webinars from Plant Based Health Professionals

Join Plant Based Health Professionals UK for fortnightly live webinars on topics including plant-based nutrition and mental health, lifestyle medicine and real life patient stories.