The Latest Events

12am, 7th Oct, 2020 - 12am, 20th Jan, 2021

On Zoom - using innovative ‘natural presentation’ format!

The ‘Lost’ Update

Two-day course provided by Joined Up Health which aims to provide participants with an overview of how health is created, and how neuropsychology can help us make life better, either for our patients, or ourselves. The BSLM-accredited course offers practical tools and fresh insights for complex and chronic illness.

9am, 1st Dec, 2020 - 5pm, 28th Feb, 2021

Online video course

Reset Your Health – supporting great health, individually

Reset Your Health enables anyone to make sustainable and meaningful changes to their diet by providing them with recipes tailored to their individual health conditions or dietary requirements. It’s aimed at anyone who wants to take control of their health.

12am, 1st Jan, 2021 - 12am, 31st Jul, 2021

Online at inspiredmedics.co.uk

Inspired Medics: Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians course

Digital modular course provided by online CPD provider Inspired Medics based on its signature conference “The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine.”

12am, 1st Jan, 2021 - 12am, 1st Jan, 2022

Digital online course

Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice

Online Digital CPD Course 2 – 10 CPD hours. This course has been created for busy NHS clincians to enable them to practice evidence- based Lifestyle Medicine with their patients. CPD which is inspiring and will help you to feel more fulfilled in your own career.

9am, 27th Jan, 2021 - 4pm, 27th Jan, 2021


Life Support in Medical Practice Creating Health for Patients and Practitioners

A lively interactive one-day overview of how health is created from the perspective of our evolutionary past. Discover the biology and psychology behind lifestyle-related disease, better outcomes for patients, and our own needs and resources in challenging times.

7pm, 27th Jan, 2021 - 8pm, 27th Jan, 2021

Free Online Webinar with Plant-Based Health Professionals UK

Bone Health and Vegans – Findings from the EPIC-Oxford Study with Professor Tim Key

Participants will learn of research in the UK on the bone health of vegans, including information on relevant nutrient intakes, nutritional status, bone density and risk of fractures. This will inform advice on ensuring adequate nutrient intakes, and the need for further research.

10am, 27th Feb, 2021 - 4pm, 27th Feb, 2021

Online video conference

Stress Management Trainer Course

One-day training course for healthcare professionals delivered by Mental Health Online Training. The course is aimed at those wanting to take the lead in providing stress management support, training and supervision in their organisations.

9am, 2nd Sep, 2021 - 5pm, 4th Sep, 2021


BSLM 2021 Conference

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s fifth annual conference takes place between September 2-4