The Latest Events

12am, 7th Oct, 2020 - 12am, 20th Jan, 2021

On Zoom - using innovative ‘natural presentation’ format!

The ‘Lost’ Update

Two-day course provided by Joined Up Health which aims to provide participants with an overview of how health is created, and how neuropsychology can help us make life better, either for our patients, or ourselves. The BSLM-accredited course offers practical tools and fresh insights for complex and chronic illness.

9am, 7th Dec, 2020 - 12pm, 7th Dec, 2020


Kernow BSLM conference

Join us for the 3rd Kernow British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference on December 7th 2020.

12am, 1st Jan, 2021

Online at inspiredmedics.co.uk

Inspired Medics: Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians course

Digital modular course provided by online CPD provider Inspired Medics based on its signature conference “The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine.”