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The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine; Equality and, Diversity Policy

The BSLM will endeavour to fully represent the diverse backgrounds of its clinician and practitioner membership. Our stakeholders, and the society we operate within, include, and represent, many perspectives, skills, ages, genders, culture and ethnicities (for example), and we come together to ensure lifestyle medicine education is shared far and wide, for the benefit of a healthier society as a whole.

Inclusion and diversity is particularly important to our organisation, given the evidence which demonstrates the links between discrimination and health outcomes. As an organisation we also educate clinicians about the impact of discrimination on health outcomes and, how to take into account, the social and economic factors that impact people’s ability to make and sustain behaviour change.

As our organisation rapidly expands, BSLM will ensure there is Leadership, system and culture change to cultivate inclusive approaches to lifestyle medicine. This will include; having an inclusive and diverse board, ensuring our membership reflects the communities we serve, ensuring our approach to lifestyle medicine practice, training and developments are culturally sensitive and, take into account the diverse communities we serve.

BSLM will ensure continuous improvements to help ensure members, services and programmes that fulfil the equality duty, reduce inequalities and are free from discrimination. We are committed to tackling inequalities and will play our part to improve the outcomes for protected groups, and vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across the health care system.

BSLM will ensure that our training, events, programmes and tools support our ambitions for equality, inclusion, diversity, and that we champion the needs of our communities to ensure that the Lifestyle Medicine offer does not leave disadvantaged communities behind

The BSLM is a registered charity number SC046920. Registered office: Haddington House, 28 Sidegate, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 4BU.