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We know how virtual conferences and working from home can go. A reminder that you have access to the conference on demand, but in the meantime, we hope this helps.
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Lancaster Wall - Instruction Deal

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Delivers fruit and vegetables to your door, rescuing the ‘wonky’ from their food waste fate.

INSTA50 for 50% off your first box.

Fruits & vegetables comes in all sorts of shape and sizes and often fruit & veg that’s fresh and perfectly delicious but doesn’t look quite right by supermarket standards is left behind. This creates a big issue of food waste.

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Plant Based Health Professionals

Bake blue muffins for #bluepoopchallenge

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BSLM Sound Living Podcast

Series 2 is currently in production, listen to Series 1 here
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Primal Play Online Store Discount

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Audio Resources by Alejandra

Whilst you'll find plenty resources on our website, we often get asked for audio resources, one of our Members, shared this.
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Inspired Medics Student Bursary

Inspired Medics are offering bursary funding to healthcare students! They would receive the Lifestyle Medicine Introduction course for free, which is normally £85. Or their £225 courses for only £100. To utilise this offer please contact
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