Audio Resources by Alejandra

Alejandra C. McCall, Registered Dietitian; MSC, RD, Dip BSLM/IBLM, is one of our BSLM Study Group Leaders and we were chatting to her recently around what kind of audio resources may be helpful in preparation for the IBLM/BSLM exam. Here’s what she had to say …

“There’s no audio textbook for the LM Certification unfortunately, or even many that cover the whole concept of lifestyle medicine, so you have to search by individual topic. There is one which is great, by Sarai Stanci, however there are more textbooks available on this topic than on audiobooks.

However, Podcasts can quite useful in general, because it helps reinforce concepts (however, they do not substitute revising the whole manual). They also get into the right language etc., and actually useful for the case study. Some I list to include:

  • Feel Better Live More
  • BSLM’s Sound living
  • The Doctor’s kitchen
  • The lifestyle first podcast

Audiobooks I’ve listened to through the course of last year are:

  • What’s missing from medicine by Sarai Stanci
  • Positive Psychology by Carl Bene
  • Together by Vivek H Murthy
  • The self care revolution by Suzy Reading
  • Ikigai by Hector Garcia
  • Why we sleep by Matthew Walker
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy by Jason M Satterfield
  • Atomic Habits – I started listening to it a few months ago. I think it’s useful on a personal level and also a good reminder for some behavioural change concepts if you’re coaching people)

Hope this introduces you to one or two new resources