Virtual Group Consultations Webinar 7

Join us for our latest webinar looking at how virtual group consultations can help us to deliver continuity of care during covid ...

During 2020 we have hosted a series of thought provoking and informative webinars on the subject of virtual group consultations.

The webinars have brought together expert speakers from around the world – and aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and expertise to deliver group consultations online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve heard from clinicians on the frontline, and patients who have shared their experiences of virtual group consultations during this extraordinary year.

And together, we have explored one of the key questions facing healthcare professionals during the pandemic: how we can continue to deliver continuity of care for patients with non-communicable illnesses?

Join us for our final webinar of the year on December 17 2020 which will be a little different to the previous sessions.

During this interactive session, we will be focusing upon the patient perspective and sharing the experiences of those who have taken part in virtual group consultations.

This is a great opportunity for you to share your patients’ questions, stories and experiences too, through a series of breakout discussion sessions.

We will also be highlighting how we are continuing to focus upon spreading virtual group consultations, as one of the solutions to deliver patient care during Covid-19. And of course we will be highlighting and signposting you to further resources to support you on your virtual group consultations journey.


The webinar series is brought to you by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance in partnership with the Group Consultations programme.

December 17 speaker programme & agenda

  • Fraser Birrell BSLM Director of Science & Research
  • Alison Manson Group Consultations Programme
  • Dr Beth Frates, Harvard Medical School and American College of Lifestyle Medicine – ‘Going virtual with group visits’
  • Breakout sessions / discussion groups: an opportunity to share your experiences and put your questions to the webinar team.

Fraser Birrell BSLM Director of Science and Research

Alison Manson

Alison Manson Group Consultations

Dr Beth Frates, Harvard Medical School / American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Date and Times

Thursday, December 17

  • 1pm UK BST
  • 8am USA EDT
  • 12 midnight Australia (AEST)


Webinar series aims & outcomes:

  • Inform and empower patients at high risk of Covid-19
  • Manage triage of Covid-19 symptomatic patients safely and efficiently
  • Provide continuity of care for chronic disease patients you are normally seen face to face
  • Consider virtual groups for antenatal care
  • Motivate and engage staff who are self-isolating or infected by contributing to the effort and safely delivering care
  • Assist post-Covid-19 pandemic care for patients with deferred routine care

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Facilitator accreditation

Group consultations and now virtual group consultations have always been an integral part of the lifestyle medicine approach.

Now the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is offering group and virtual group consultation facilitators the opportunity to become accredited with the society.

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