5th Kernow Conference

Join us in Cornwall for inspirational talks and interactive sessions lead by experts from the world of Lifestyle Medicine and networking opportunities!

With all the ongoing pressures the health and social care sector as well as we as individuals are facing, Lifestyle Medicine has never been more important for us personally, our society and planet.

Lifestyle Medicine acknowledges the need for action on socioeconomic determinants of health and promotes evidence-based/’evidence-informed’ lifestyle measures as well as proven techniques empowering the individual to sustain lifestyle changes to optimise wellbeing, prevent and treat disease. It focuses on the 6 pillars Sleep, Healthy Eating, Mental Wellbeing, Healthy Relationships, Physical activities and Minimising Harmful substances.

Delegates will hear inspirational talks and sessions lead by experts from the world of lifestyle medicine at this one-day event which is being organised by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s regional director for Cornwall Dr Anna Huette and the Cornwall event management team.

Anna founded the Kernow branch of the BSLM in 2019 and as a GP with Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine, Health coach as well as Yoga Teacher she remains committed to spreading the word about Lifestyle Medicine and facilitating networking between like-minded professionals.

There will be opportunity to learn about local projects & progress within our Special Interest Groups followed by time for networking with others with a shared interest in lifestyle medicine with the aim to further develop local projects and solutions to common issues with the overall vision to continue spreading Lifestyle Medicine across Cornwall and the UK.

The event is aimed at GPs, clinicians, allied health and social care professionals and expert patients interested in the use of evidence-based/evidence-informed lifestyle measures to prevent, treat and manage chronic conditions.

The event is open to everyone eligible for full or associate BSLM membership at bslm.org.uk/members/join , if unsure please email annahuette@gmx.com.

Lunch will be a delicious plant-based/vegetarian meal. Please bring your own cup and water bottle for refills.

The event will likely be CPD accredited for 6 hours.

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We will kick off the day with Dr Beth Chapman, local NHS psychiatrist. Beth will be talking about ‘CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Goes Wild’ exploring a different way to utilise the benefits of the natural environment for our children, young people and staff.

Up next will be Dr Linda Mizun, Emergency Doctor, BSLM Regional Director and board certified LM doctor as well as founder of Hero of Health and Afternoon Tea with a doc. Linda will be talking about Hero of Health (HoH), The UK’s Lifestyle Medicine Hub delivering community, coaching and education for patients. You can learn more about Hero of Health here

We are really excited to learn about a wonderful local project from Carrie Vallance who holds a BSc in Bioscience and degree in Food Studies and is a mum to 4 children. Carrie founded ‘Food Troops’ CICs in 2019 will tell us about her mission to ‘target food waste and waistlines’ by providing food & food education to those in need through educational programmes, and through our products and services. You can learn more about Food Troops here

Following Carrie’s talk we will hear broadcasted live from Dr David Lee author of the recently published “Teaching the World to Sleep.” Originally a Human Biologist Dr Lee then conducted a PhD in Sleep Psychology at Loughborough University’. He has been lecturing in Psycho-behavioural Treatments for Insomnia and trained in the delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi). He has delivered training and teaching workshops / seminars to a range of healthcare professionals and will be talking to us about the hugely important topic of sleep including the impact of sleep on our immune system and Long Covid.

Next we will be hearing from Nicolle Mitchell who is a Cornwall based Holistic Massage Therapist and Trainer as well as NHS speech and language therapy assistant. Nicolle specialised in the field of dementia and has a special interest in trauma. This led to her developing an approved/accredited course “Massaging Persons Living with Dementia” the first course of its kind in the UK and we are very excited to hear about the benefits of massage for people living with dementia.

We will then break for a wholefood plant-based/vegetarian lunch, followed by an introduction to the ‘Newquay Orchard’ a 7 acre community space in the centre of Newquay creasted and cared for by over 600 volunteers.

We are incredibly excited to be hearing live all the way from Washington about the pressing topic – Minimising Dementia Risk: A How-To Guide from Dr Tommy Wood BM BCh, PhD. Tommy is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at the University of Washington, where his research interests focus on brain health across the lifespan.

We will end the speaker sessions with an interactive session by Matt Hocking, planet centred designer, Change catalyst, Leap founder, Co-Founder/director Goodfest, B Corporation Ambassador who will be sharing this interactive session titled ’10 things I do and you could do too help you and the planet’.

Anna will then introduce the BSLM #1CHANGE campaign encouraging everyone to decide on their own #1CHANGE before we hear from other local Lifestyle Medicine initiates and ideas.

This is when we have our final refreshment break with more opportunity to connect with the SIG leads and other local Lifestyle Medicine enthusiasts!

We look forward to welcoming you on the 26th of January 2023!

Anna and the Kernow BSLM event managment team kindly supported by the BSLM office.

Any queries please contact annahuette@gmx.com

To book your ticket and learn more click here

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