I hope BSLM members will have seen that the World Lifestyle Medicine Organisation is now fully official, with Ife Monye at the helm as President. BSLM has been at the forefront of the development of WLMO, with Fraser Quin acting as ED until a permanent replacement can be “afforded”, and both Fraser and Rob Lawson serving on the Executive Committee, the operating arm of WLMO. BSLM HQ is currently providing administrative support for WLMO.

It’s early days but there are very positive steps being taken, with 22 current members and a further 20 or so being invited as we speak. The five key priority areas, or task forces, identified for the next 18 months are:

• Education, Training and Accreditation – Susan Benigas coordinating – USA

• Communications and Public Affairs – Alicja Baska coordinating – Poland

• International Development of Lifestyle Medicine – Rob Lawson coordinating – Europe

• Grants and Funds – FQ coordinating – UK

• Clinical Research and Quality Improvement – Samandika Saparamadu coordinating – Sri Lanka.

A truly international collaboration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact office@bslm.org.uk.

World Lifestyle Medicine Education and Services Ltd (WLMES)

The BSLM Board has agreed the set up of a wholly owned subsidiary of BSLM, called WLMES Ltd (affectionately known internally as WOMBLE). This is a new commercial vehicle for the charity, with BSLM being the sole member. It will undertake activities that BSLM cannot, due to restrictions under charity law. The types of things it will consider are international business opportunities, particularly around education, the setting up of Lifestyle Medicine clinics, and any other activity that our charity regulator OSCR, or the Inland Revenue, would question a charity over. As WLMES will be VAT registered, we may also shift some activity from BSLM to WLMES so that VAT can be reclaimed, although we await legal advice on this point.

WLMES was registered as a Company Ltd by Guarantee in Scotland last month, as a not for profit organisation, SC768152. All surpluses produced (eventually) go back to the sole member, BSLM, for the benefit of the charity and its members.

The Board of Directors consists of the BSLM Senior Team (Quin, Mulligan and Howie), and Frances Elliot and Laurence Stewart representing the BSLM Board of Trustees. A final Non-Executive Director will be sought both internally and externally, to bring added value to the WLMES Board. Keep an eye out for the advertisement, especially if you have the skills we are looking for.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact office@bslm.org.uk.