National Food Strategy

Today’s publication of the UK National Food Strategy is a welcome opportunity to debate how we can improve access to affordable, healthy food in a way that’s good for people and the planet.

Food and healthy eating is, of course, one of the core pillars of the lifestyle medicine approach to improving health and wellbeing – and the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is currently preparing a detailed response to the strategy from our Nutrition Special Interest Group.

Cutting out processed foods and adopting a predominantly plant-based diet is just one of the ways we can reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve population health.

BSLM believe a range of healthy approaches to diet and nutrition are needed – backed by scientific evidence and specific to the patient’s condition and circumstances. Lifestyle medicine is about supporting people to make healthy choices about what they eat.

But real change also requires fundamental change at the societal level – and the food industry and governments must step up to the plate to ensure we have a healthy and sustainable food environment.

What do members of the UK lifestyle medicine community think of the National Food Strategy and its key proposals such as a sugar and salt tax and fruit and veg prescribing?