Review of ‘Living PCOS Free’ with Dr Helen Kini

Living with PCOS book cover

Dr Nitu and Rohini Bajekal have created a must read for all patients with PCOS and their health care providers alike.

Living PCOS Free takes the reader on educational and empowering journey. It explains PCOS in a detailed but understandable way. Dr Nitu explores the evidence around PCOS and uses her extensive clinical experience throughout the book to explain PCOS and impact of this condition on symptoms and long-term health. She busts many common myths in easy to navigate chapters making it very easy to dip in and out of.

Rohini’s personal experience with PCOS alongside her nutrition expertise translates the science and evidence into a practical daily guide for patients using the pillars of evidenced based Lifestyle medicine throughout.

Working as an NHS GP with a passion for Lifestyle Medicine, it is incredibly helpful to have trusted resources to signpost patients to in order to incorporate a lifestyle medicine approach alongside conventional medicine. I will certainly be recommending this book to patients and colleagues.

Dr Helen Kini


NHS GP Partner/Trainer, Upton Group Practice

BSLM Regional Director Wirral

Co-founder of Flourish for Life – Lifestyle Medicine Clinic