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‘I left the NHS in 2019 to follow my heart. I’m a one of the original certified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians (2018), TEDx speaker, women’s wellbeing and sustainable weight loss advocate and former NHS GP.

But at the start, I kept my business a secret. I was ashamed to be working in the “private sector” fearful my colleagues would judge me and I felt guilty charging my patients money for their services.

I started Nourish in 2016, a private healthcare company specialising in helping women lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way instead of restrictive diets. Then in 2019 I left my role as an NHS GP for good. It was a combination of frustration with the traditional medical approach, personal experience and business success that made me take the leap.

We work with professional women both 1:1 and in small groups and everything is delivered remotely, online. This gives me the opportunity to work from anywhere that has wifi and being my own boss comes with a whole new level of independence.

In my role as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Nourish I leverage my clinical knowledge and experience to support female patients on a holistic health journey. Most of the women I work with are overweight, unsuccessful traditional dieting, poor relationships with food, stress, poor sleep and are doing very little exercise. Some have chronic medical conditions including but not limited to obesity, NAFLD, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, migraines, depression and anxiety.

I work closely with a Mental Health Nurse & Psychological Therapist who provides both CBT and IPT. I have employed her on a contract basis for the last 5 years.

While I thoroughly enjoy working in Lifestyle Medicine and supporting motivated patients who get excellent outcomes, the challenge of running a business has brought me a huge amount of personal growth and satisfaction.

One of my biggest challenges was stepping on the red dot in 2022 for my TEDx talk “Why Traditional Diets Don’t Always Work” I’ve learned that my name is a personal brand, whether I like it or not and I’m selling me, not just my expertise or job title but my personality.

I took the leap to follow my heart, will you?

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