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The Society was founded to support those working on the frontline with patients who have chronic conditions and illnesses. And our members are the beating heart of what we do.

“I wish here also to send a very personal and very big thank you for starting the BSLM – it’s just such a great society – it really brought me back to life in terms of my personal and professional enthusiasm for healthcare, which had been so lost in the daily constraints of the NHS.” Geraldine Mulligan, (BMBS, BMedSci, BSc, DipIBLM, MRCGP, DFSRH, DRCOG)

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Benefits of Membership

Membership Types

Full Membership

Full Membership is open to all appropriately qualified, registered and affiliated health professionals with graduate or post graduate qualifications, in health and related fields, and includes academic and related scientists and researchers.

Full members have full access to the member community, benefits and member-only information and resources published by the Society. Full members can vote at General Meetings, can stand for election and can serve on the Board of the Society (subject to provisions as to the make-up of the Board).

mental health can be affected by lifestyle medicine

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to Practitioners and health professionals not meeting the requirements for full membership, i.e. those who not registered or affiliated, or where the role does not require graduate/post graduate qualifications in health and related fields

Examples of professions eligible for Associate membership include fitness instructor, personal trainer, health coach, nutrition advisor, meditation teacher, reflexologist, yoga teacher, etc.

Please note that associate membership must not be misrepresented for credentialing purposes.

Patient & Public Membership

Patients & Members of the public are invited to join BSLM as subscribers to receive access to information and resources published by the Society. It’s a great way to gain education to help you gain relevant education to make small changes (#1Change) in your own lives, or those of family and friends, while supporting our work.

Student Membership

(Full Time Students Only)

Student membership is open to those studying undergraduate or full time postgraduate, towards a qualification, which on completion, would qualify for Full or Associate memberships. Student membership is not applicable to those who already have another qualification and/or role that would qualify for membership.

Joining BSLM will provide access to the latest lifestyle medicine evidence and best practice so you are future-fit and able to confidently support and integrate the use of lifestyle medicine in the treatment, management and reversal of chronic disease.

power of lifestyle medicine movement

Organisational Membership

Organisational memberships are open to companies, organisations, practices and similar groups supporting BSLM’s aims and objectives, and benefit from partnering for aligned vision and goals, as well as getting their brand out to over 1,500 medical and healthcare professionals. More info around options available and to sign up, click here
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Nurses and Allied Health Professionals get 50% BSLM Membership

Nurses and Allied Health Professionals are eligible for 50% off their first years BSLM annual membership by using code “Nurse50”.

Refer a friend to join so they can access to benefits such as:

  • Access to ongoing Lifestyle Medicine Education
  • Career Development and Networking Opportunities
  • BSLM Events & Partner Events
  • Member Promotions

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Notes: ‘Appropriately qualified’ usually means a degree level qualification or higher

‘Registered and affiliated’ means that you hold current registration or affiliation with a board, council, society or association appropriate to your profession/s.

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