Virtual Group Consultations Webinar 5

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance have joined forces to develop a series of resources around virtual group consultations.

The covid-19 pandemic has raised a new series of challenges for health professionals treating patients with chronic conditions. Crucially, how can we continue to deliver continuity of care for patients with non-communicable illnesses during the international lockdown?

Virtual group consultations offer an innovative solution – which has the potential to benefit both patients and clinicians.

Join us on Thursday, July 30th for the fourth in our series of free webinars on virtual group consultations during covid-19.

The webinar is brought to you by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance in partnership with the Group Consultations programme.

Group consultations (also known as shared medical appointments) have always been an integral part of the lifestyle medicine approach – however the way we deliver them is now changing in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar will provide an overview of Virtual Group Consultations, and will provide clinicians with the skills and resources to safely and efficiently support patients with chronic disease during the international lockdown.

For this webinar we will be joined by a number of patients who have participated in virtual group consultations.

The webinar will help clinical teams to:

  • Inform and empower patients at high risk of Covid-19
  • Manage triage of Covid-19 symptomatic patients safely and efficiently
  • Provide continuity of care for chronic disease patients you are normally seen face to face
  • Consider virtual groups for antenatal care
  • Motivate and engage staff who are self-isolating or infected by contributing to the effort and safely delivering care
  • Assist post-Covid-19 pandemic care for patients with deferred routine care

View resources from previous virtual group consultations

Date and Times

Thursday, July 30th

  • 2pm UK BST
  • 9am USA EDT
  • 11pm Australia (AEST)

All resources from the webinar including videos of speaker presentations will be made available to view online shortly after the session.


  • Introduction & Welcome – Wayne Dysinger, BSLM
  • Update on Virtual Group Consultations During COVID – Dr Fraser Birrell, BSLM
  • Virtual Group Consultations in Africa: Embracing Change at the Brookfield Centre For Lifestyle Medicine, Abuja. Nigeria. – Dr Ife Monye, Chief Consultant Family Physician, Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine
  • The Patient Perspective on Virtual Groups & COVID
  • Pregnancy Circles during COVID – Angela Harden, University of East London
  • Does Lifestyle Medicine have a role in infectious disease epidemiology? – Garry Egger
  • NHS England Video Group Clinic Sentinel Practices – Ellen Fallows
  • Scaling Virtual Groups at the Cleveland Clinic – Marianne Sumego
  • Resources and peer support for virtual group consultations – Alison Manson
  • Summary & next steps – Dr Fraser Birrell
  • Panel Q&A and wrap-up – Wayne Dysinger


Wayne Dysinger
Wayne Dysinger
Fraser Birrel
Fraser Birrel
Angela Harden
Angela Harden
Ife Monye
Ife Monye
Garry Egger
Garry Egger
Ellen Fallows
Ellen Fallows
Marianne Sumego
Marianne Sumego
Alison Manson
Alison Manson

Frequently asked questions

During the webinar, we will be asking those taking part to submit their questions to speakers. We will use these to compile a FAQs document to support those looking to implement virtual group consultations and this will be made available after the event.

You can access the FAQ from the first webinar here