The Underestimated Ecological Impacts of Animal Agriculture with Nicholas Carter

The Underestimated Ecological Impacts of Animal Agriculture and Opportunities in Shifting to Plant-Based Diets with Nicholas Carter, Ecologist

Lowering one’s ecological footprint, and living minimally, has been shown to improve mental health. It can also lead to increased public health through a reduction in pollution and increasing the amount of land that can be protected for nature and conservation with co-benefits to human health.

CPD Accredited with 1 CPD Hour from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and CME accredited for the Lifestyle Medicine 5 Year Maintenance of Certification.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how food and the environment are interconnected
  • Learn about the scientific evidence showing the impacts of animal agriculture in particular
  • Learn about the many ecological opportunities in shifting to a plant-based diet

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