Stress Management Trainer Course

One-day training course for healthcare professionals delivered by Mental Health Online Training. The course is aimed at those wanting to take the lead in providing stress management support, training and supervision in their organisations.


This one day training course delivered by consultant psychiatrist Dr Sarmila Sinha  provides an opportunity for participants to apply to become health and well-being champions in their organisations. The attendees will also be able to implement the principles of stress management in their own lives and manage stress more positively.

Learning objectives

  • To understand stress mechanism and its long-term consequences
  • To learn about the types of stress and its predisposing factors
  • Identifying stress at work – emphasis on poor communication
  • Learn strategies for managing stress at work
  • To learn the basics of mindfulness and other evidence-based practices for stress management.

Level: Intermediate (CPD certified event)

Who is the course aimed at?
All healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, managers, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers)

About the course facilitator

Dr Sarmila Sinha, MRCPsych, MSc is a Consultant Psychiatrist with more than 15 years’ experience in the NHS. She was a health and wellbeing ambassador for doctors within the NHS. She has been a stress management trainer for the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She has knowledge and expertise in stress, its effects and has developed a unique and simple way to manage stress. In her number one best-selling book, she has highlighted the impact of stress in our daily lives and has developed the 4C Approach to stress management.

Course content

Section I
Module 1. Introduction. Concept of stress, burnout and its prevalence.
Module 2. Mechanism of stress response and its symptoms

Section II
Module 3. Types of stressors and factors affecting our stress response
Module 4.  Identifying stress at work

Section III
Module 5. How to assess for stress – the link between stress, anxiety and depression
Module 6. Personalised stress test (can be used in 1:1 coaching or training)

Section IV
Module 7. How to manage stress at work
Module 8. Improving communication skills

Section V
Module 9. The 4C approach to stress management
Module 10. Lifestyle modification to reduce stress – nutrition, sleep, physical activity

Section VI
Module 11. Introduction to mindfulness and guided meditation
Module 12. Practising self-compassion, gratitude & positive affirmations to manage stress

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