Stress Management Trainer Course

A personal development course for all healthcare workers to become Stress Management Trainers in their organisations.

Stress is a well recognised cause of many chronic physical health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure as well as mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Understanding the warning signs of stress on our physical and emotional health and taking active steps to manage our stress levels could prevent long term health consequences.

According to the 2018/19 HSE Labour Force Survey, Stress, Depression or Anxiety account for 21% of work-related sickness in the UK. This is equivalent to 12.8 million working days lost.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand Stress Mechanism and its long-term consequences
  • To learn about the types of Stress and its Predisposing factors
  • Identifying Stress at Work – Conflict at work, Time Management, Lack of Supervision, Work-Life Balance and other factors
  • To learn Strategies for managing Stress at Work
  • Managing the psychological impact of COVID at workplace

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