Rob Lawson

Dr Rob Lawson chairman of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and President of the European Lifestyle Medicine Council, opens BSLM2020 our fourth annual conference. In his opening address, Dr Lawson, one of the founders of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, places our first ever virtual conference in the current context: a global communicable disease pandemic… Expand

Amanda Howe

RCGP president Amanda Howe discusses the relevance of lifestyle medicine in the year of the global covid-19 pandemic – and asks what are the complex influences on people’s lifestyles which impact on their health and wellbeing?

Frances Elliot talks to Sir Harry Burns

Our Executive Director, Frances Elliot, in conversation with Professor Sir Harry Burns who is Professor of Global Public Health at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow about his career and research interests. Sir Harry started his career in surgery but became interested in wellbeing and after completing a Masters in Public Health he was appointed as Director of Public Health for Glasgow Health Board in 1993… Expand

Evie Kemp

This talk will look at doctors’ health & wellbeing including early warning signs of stress/burnout, barriers for doctors seeking help and sources of support. She will review strategies for prevention of stress related problems, a toolbox for personal self-care, plus the relationship between doctors’ health and the health of their patients. Evie will give an overview of a new health and wellbeing/lifestyle medicine program she has developed and run for medical students… Expand

Ellen Fallows

Dr Ellen Fallows, the newly appointed Learning Academy Director at the BSLM, introduces its aims, why now is the time for lifestyle medicine and how we plan to support clinical teams to deliver lifestyle medicine approaches at the coal face. She introduces the team planning to deliver on these aims and how both clinicians and patients can benefit and get involved.

Roger Neighbour

As doctors, we know how much illness could be prevented and alleviated if patients would make lifestyle changes. And we accept that it’s part of our remit to help them do so. But it’s hard; advice has only limited success, and our time and expertise are also limited. In this talk I’ll describe some of the factors affecting patients’ motivation and readiness to change, and what we can do to maximise them by asking the right questions in the right way at the right time… Expand

Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is a practicing consultant, cancer specialist, with 30 year’s experience in patient care. After formal training at the Royal Marsden, National Hospital for Neurology, Royal Free and Middlesex Hospitals London, he now leads chemotherapy services at the Primrose Oncology & Research Unit, Bedford and treats patients with radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital… Expand

Rob Lawson

This talk outlines the ELMC’s aspirations and puts them into the European and global context.

Live Q&A Session: #BSLM2020 Thursday am

On the panel: Dr Rob Lawson, Roger Neighbour, Frances Elliot, Ellen Fallows and Rob Thomas and Amanda Howe.

Daniel Sliz

Graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw (now the Medical University of Warsaw), where he later graduated his doctoral dissertation with honors. Internal medicine and public health specialist. He is the first specialist in Poland in the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, for many years he has been an academic teacher and assistant professor at the 3rd Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology… Expand

Mark Rowe

Dr. Mark Rowe has been a practicing family physician for over 20 years, having graduated from Medical School (UCD, Ireland) in 1991. He is the founder of the Waterford Health Park, which has become both the base for Dr. Rowe’s medical practice as well as the ‘Lifestyle Medicine Be Well Clinic’. The Healthcare Facility was a short listed finalist for World Building of the year at the World Architecture festival awards in 2010… Expand

Tomas Vaiciunas

Lithuanian Lifestyle Medicine Society.

Bernardo Barata

A talk from Bernardo Barata, President of the Portuguese LM Society on sleep, health and human longevity. Bernado explores how sleep is affected by ageing and discusses why some individuals are able to reach very old ages, shedding light on the characteristics of their sleep. He also reviews some lifestyle interventions that can help promote good sleep health, allowing you to achieve healthy longevity.

Jon Brouwers

Jon Brouwers is a general practitioner, certified lifestyle medicine physician and the initiator of Blue Zone Bakkeveen. Bakkeveen is a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands.
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Stephen Penman

Stephen Penman is Executive Director of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) and the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation. He is also the founder of Open Health, a social enterprise developing a world first online comprehensive lifestyle change program. … Expand

Live Q&A Session: #BSLM2020 Thursday PM

On the panel … Dr Rob Lawson, Bernardo Barata, Stephen Penman, Mark Rowe, Daniel Sliz, Jon Brouwers and Alicia Baska.

William Bird

Movement helps our bodies, but it has a huge impact on a community. More people moving outside reduces antisocial behaviour, creates friendships, learning, skills, productivity, independence for the elderly and improves air quality. Prolonged sitting ages us prematurely, reducing our ability to fend off disease and leads to depression and anxiety… Expand

Andrea M. Stennett

Dr Andrea M. Stennett PhD, works clinically as a Research Neuro-Physiotherapist and has a keen interest in the management of long term neurological conditions. Her research interests include exploring the exercise and physical activity priorities of people with Multiple Sclerosis and finding ways to embed these into routine clinical practice.
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Mike Banna

Dr Mike Banna tells his personal story of lifestyle change, and explores the nuance of how we might approach the process with patients and clients. Mike is a full time NHS GP, GP Trainer and GP Training Programme Director, and a Regional Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine… Expand

Live Q&A Session: #BSLM2020 Friday AM

On the panel … Mike Banna, Neil Bindemann, William Bird, Andrea Stennett, Alex Maxwell.

Nicola Wetherill

In 2017, an all female team set off to cross the Antarctic continent, this talk is about the why, the how and the so what from that expedition.

Jodie Blackadder

As part of the research team for Ex ICE MAIDEN Jodie is also an expedition medic. In this presentation she will discuss some of the ICE MAIDEN research and the positive experience of encouraging participants with medical conditions to take part.

Live Q&A Session: #BSLM2020 Friday PM

On the panel: Laurence Stewart, Mollie Hughes, Neal Anderson, Benjamin Mee, Nicola Wetherill and Jodie Blackadder-Weinstein.

Katie Maggs

A mini-documentary showing the link between mental health and sea swimming. Katie swims off the rocks of Penzance, UK nearly everyday of the year. Swimming has helped her overcome some of the struggles that life all too often throws our way. The hope is that her story may help others who are faced with similar challenges.

Group consultations team

This fast-paced session looks at how care is being delivered through Group Consultations and now Virtual Group Consultations in various healthcare settings. Understand how Group Consultations support delivery of routine care, lifestyle medicine and much more. Learn from colleagues in both primary and secondary care and more importantly hear what your peers and patients really think!… Expand

BSLM2020 Q&A Group Consultations Friday AM

On the panel: Prof Fraser Birrell, Alison Manson, Irene Scott, Linda Pepper, Yasmin Razak, Katharine Towers, Ellen Fallows

Eirini Dimidi

In the past decade, there has been a surge of interest in the gut microbiome, both by the public and healthcare professionals. Indeed, the gut microbiome is important in maintaining health. As a result, research has focused on understanding the factors that affect the gut microbiome composition and function. This could allow the development of approaches that target the gut microbiome to optimise health outcomes… Expand

Nicola Guess

Nicola Guess, RD, MPH, PhD, is a dietitian based in London specialising in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. She is currently an associate professor at the University of Westminster, Research Fellow at King’s College London, and Head of Nutrition Research at the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait. She also runs her own private clinical practice.

Jenny Rosborough

Jenny is Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver and is Registered with the Association for Nutrition. Jenny works across the Jamie Oliver Group to implement nutrition standards and is particularly passionate about improving the food environment through policy change. She is part of the Expert Advisory Group for Bite Back 2030, a youth-led movement calling for a food system that puts children’s health first… Expand

Live Q&A Session: #BSLM2020 Friday PM

On the panel: Alan Flanagan, Nicola Guess, Jenny Rosborough, Eirini Dimidi.

Sui Wong

Dr Sui H. Wong is a consultant neurologist and neuro-ophthalmologist in London with NHS practices based at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHSFT and Guys & St Thomas’ NHSFT, where she set up and leads a specialist service in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. She encourages lifestyle approaches for health and wellbeing of her patients, and where possible ways to manage their condition through lifestyle measures… Expand

David Unwin

Dr David Unwin works at the Norwood NHS Surgery in Southport near Liverpool, UK where he has cared for the same population since 1986 as a family doctor. To date 83/168 of his patients with T2 diabetes have achieved drug-free remission. This gives a remission rate of 49% at 30 months duration of a lower carb diet, one of the best results for any clinic in the world… Expand

Derek Rosario

Prof Derek Rosario consultant urological surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is chief investigator of the STAMINA trial looking at impact of a supported exercise programme on prostate cancer patients.

Garry Egger

Prof Garry Egger is known around the world as one of the pioneers of Lifestyle Medicine. He is an Adjunct Professor of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University and an Advisor to the World Health Organisation and several Government and corporate bodies in chronic disease prevention. He has qualifications in behavioural biology and epidemiology… Expand

Live Q&A Session: BSLM2020 Saturday AM

On the panel: Garry Egger, Derek Rosario and David Unwin

Ryan Peers

After graduating from the University of Manchester in 2009 I completed my GP training in the Northwest of England. A diploma in “Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” combined with completion of the BSLM Diploma has allowed me to establish regular lifestyle medicine clinics at my practice. In addition to working as a GP I am a tutor for undergraduate students at the University of Manchester, teaching an holistic approach to medicine and “thinking like a doctor”.
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Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards discusses the issues of a less-well known pandemic. It hasn’t made as much of an impact on the headlines as COVID-19 but it sure has made more of a negative impact on the nation’s health in 2020 than at any other time in human history.

Edward Kunonga

The presentation will cover the global, national and local challenges amenable to lifestyle medicine interventions. Inevitably it covers some of the covid19 issues, challenges and opportunities. It will highlight the importance of a holistic view that takes into account social determinants of health. The presentation concludes by highlighting the need for lifestyle medicine efforts to be done at pace, scale and reach if it is to achieve its full potential
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Live Q&A Session: BSLM2020 Saturday PM

On the panel: Ellen Fallows, Darryl Edwards, Ryan Peers, Edward Kunonga, Frances Elliot.

Anna Huette

This presentation by GP and yoga teacher Dr Anna Huette offers an update on the available evidence regarding the use of yoga specifically for chronic back pain as well as the outcomes of pilots run within the NHS. Anna firmly believes that it is time to de-medicalise back pain & facilitate self-management with the help of innovative treatment options such as the gentle and beginner friendly ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ 12-week program… Expand

George Ampat

Mr. Ampat works as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals and is a Clinical Teacher at the School of Medicine, University of Liverpool. After years of surgical practice, Mr. Ampat now specialises in treating people with spine, feet and other musculoskeletal problems without surgical intervention if possible… Expand

Georgie Sowman

Georgina is a practicing GP in the North of England with an interest in sustainability in healthcare and planetary health , and she has been working in this area since completing her BSLM diploma in 2019.
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Laurence Stewart

Mr Laurence Stewart graduated from Aberdeen University Medical School in 1982. He gained a wide experience across all surgical disciplines before training in Urology in Aberdeen and Belfast and subsequently specialising in female and reconstructive urology in Cardiff, Christchurch New Zealand and Duke University in North Carolina USA… Expand