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Physical inactivity is a significant cause of chronic disease and globally, it’s estimated to kill more than five million people every year. Current approaches to medicine and healthcare offer inadequate solutions to the problems we face. At BSLM, we’re seeking to address these issues to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and societies.

That is why we’re supporting the Holland & Barrett initiative to get people moving more. All evidence suggests that those who take regular exercise are more likely to have healthier outcomes. Despite that, we might find we’re moving our bodies less… and more than a third of us live with persistent pain.

Just five minutes of exercise, such as walking or squats in the kitchen, can significantly improve aerobic endurance. Exercise can be taken inside or outside and those who work in offices should consider standing desks, taking the stairs not the lift, and every 45 minute or so, getting up from the desk and taking a 5-minute walk. Even better if done with family, friends or colleagues.

The Holland & Barrett 30-day movement challenge calendar is a great guide to the simple things we can all do to improve our fitness. We don’t need to run a marathon, but we do all need to move more. Just make #1change in your life.

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Interactive Quiz – What Type of Mover Are You?

Visit Holland & Barrett’s website to take their interactive quiz to discover what type of mover you are. You’ll then be presented with personalised content and product recommendations to help you understand how you can move more, feel better and get the most out of your health and wellness journey.

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The Effects of Inactivity: Can it Increase Health Risk?

Did you know that being active is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing, as it can help prevent over 20 chronic health conditions? View this short article to discover those 20 chronic health conditions and tips on getting active.
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30 Day Challenges

If you’re looking for a challenge, Holland & Barrett have created four different 30-day movement calendars tailored to different fitness levels. With our stamp of approval, these movement calendars have been tailored to help keep your joints, bones and muscles moving in the right way. Whether that’s doing lunges whilst the kettle boils, turning your 10,000 steps into 20,000 or winding down from the week with a 10-minute yoga session – all movement is good movement. Start one of the challenges today…

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Disclaimer: BSLM does not endorse any supplement use unless prescribed by a physician.