BSLM group consultations facilitator accreditation

Group consultations facilitator accreditation

Group consultations and now virtual group consultations are a critical element of the lifestyle medicine approach.

During the covid-19 pandemic they have provided new opportunities to deliver continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions. Bringing patients together for online group sessions means we can help them to share their experiences and offer each other peer support. At the same time, patients are able to see their clinician and take part in group education. And now they can do so from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

For patients and clinicians group consultations offer a better experience and improved outcomes compared to the traditional 1:1 appointment. And they enable care to be delivered at lower cost.

The role of the facilitator in delivering group consultations and virtual group consultations is essential. The facilitator runs the group session, ensuring everything runs to time and that patients and clinicians get maximum benefit.

Now the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is offering group consultation and virtual group consultation facilitators the opportunity to become accredited with the society.

Becoming accredited with BSLM will also give facilitators the opportunity to become a BSLM associate member.

Accreditation is available to healthcare assistants, link workers, social prescribers and receptionists / administrators, nurses and allied health professionals who regularly deliver virtual group consultations primarily in the facilitator role.

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Find out more at our free webinar on virtual group consultations November 5th