Book Review by Barbara Phipps

“A Search for Happiness” by C. A. Bowley

This is a beautifully illustrated book for 4-8 year olds written by Coral Bowley.
Coral explains the thinking behind the book best herself:

“The aim of the story is to engage and remind kids about what’s important to happiness and wellbeing and to help parents start conversations about happy, healthy habits, so that these ideas can be discussed and reflected on in the important, formative early years.
The concept hinges around the idea that habits made in childhood can last a lifetime and providing knowledge around healthy habits at a young age may provide some benefit and perhaps even support some of the wonderful positive outcomes around longevity, health, friendships and success evidenced in wellbeing studies.
I chose a picture story book format to include opportunities for parent / child engagement, to empower parents with information during the shared activity (reading) which in turn supports children’s wellbeing (literacy).”

The book features 2 kids James and Jen and an alien called Zob (I mean really what’s not to like!?) who are searching for happiness. They find it when they engage in healthy positive experiences such as playing in nature, helping each other, being active, being kind and sharing with family and friends. This book not only has a beautiful message presented in a fun way which actively involves the young reader in the search, but it also has an abundance of colourful illustrations which will engage both children and parents.

A great gift for young kids and parents alike.

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