Message from Chair 19/04/23

Trustees Resignations

Dr Michael Boyle

For the 2023 AGM Michael Boyle, a Sheffield GP, stepped down as a member of the BSLM Board of Trustees. Michael’s first engagement was through the early training programme for Shared Medical Appointments (now called Group Consultations) in 2015. His enthusiasm was obvious, so when in 2016 Laurence Stewart and I decided to push forward with setting up a Lifestyle Medicine Society, Michael was an obvious choice as cofounder. To start any organisation requires commitment, enthusiasm and plenty of good will and it has been a delight working with Michael throughout our BSLM journey to date. His vision, leadership and good example has been a huge asset to BSLM. Naturally, we all wish him and his family well – and many thanks, Michael, for all your support, and all you have done to turn Lifestyle Medicine, locally and widely, into a ground-breaking mainstream discipline in the UK. And of course, you intimate that you will continue to promote BSLM as always!

Dr Punam Krishan

For the 2023 AGM, Punam Krishan, a Glasgow GP, stepped down as a member of the BSLM Board of Trustees. I am not sure what prompted her first tentative steps towards BSLM back in September 2017 but by 2018 Punam was already painting Glasgow in Lifestyle Medicine colours. As organiser of local BSLM meetings, as lecturer, as Glasgow Regional Director and then as a Trustee. I recall she used to stop people in the Streets of Glasgow and enquire about their lifestyle habits. A brave soul indeed! And then she went on to support the creation of the BSLM #1Change campaign. Punam has volunteered to continue to represent BSLM in the Glasgow region so for all you have done and continue to do for BSLM – many thanks indeed Punam. Wishing you well in your work and media career and look forward to us making Glasgow Smiles Better.