Review of ‘Living PCOS Free’ with Dr Barbara Phipps

Living with PCOS book cover

Let me start by saying that this book couldn’t have been written by two more qualified people. A Mother and Daughter team; one a Consultant Gynaecologist and the other a Nutritionist, both qualified in Lifestyle Medicine. I had attended a webinar by Rohini on managing PCOS through diet so knew the content would be excellent and I was not disappointed.

A high-quality evidence-based book on PCOS was long overdue and this has been worth waiting for. To be honest I barely need to create a new review because the introduction by Brenda Davis RD pretty much says it all. “I Love everything about Living PCOS free”.

The book is written in a warm engaging manner and the use of concise summaries such as PCOS Pointers and Myth busters gives easy to digest (excuse the pun) clarity. The Case Studies are also very useful and bring the topic to life. They have included enough science to be informative and educational without making it too challenging for non-medical readers.

One omission, I feel, was that processed food and refined sugars were not included on the list of causes of insulin resistance. The importance of avoiding processed and high sugar foods is however mentioned throughout the book.

I would certainly recommend this book as a superb source of information and inspiration to anyone affected by PCOS.

Dr Barbara Phipps