Medlife Webinar: The Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle

Join a host of expert speakers for a FREE webinar on the 'Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle', run by the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

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Webinar Schedule

5.00 pm

Labros Sidossis, PhD, Professor at Rutgers University and President of the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute
“Welcome” (5 mins)

5.05 pm

George Chrousos, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Endocrinology
Emeritus, Holder, UNESCO Chair on Adolescent Health Care,
Director, University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and
Precision Medicine, University of Athens, Medical School,
“Managing Stress the Mediterranean Way”

5.15 pm

Dr Sam Manger, Chair Australian Lifestyle Medicine Institute
“Managing Sleep using principles of Lifestyle Medicine”

5.25 pm

Dr Rob Lawson, Chair British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, VP MLMI
“Health benefits of social connectedness in Lifestyle Medicine practice”

5.35 pm

Catherine Itsiopoulos PhD, Executive Dean Health and Biomedicine and
Professor of Dietetics RMIT University Australia and VP MLMI
“Mediterranean diet in health and longevity using MLM approaches”

5.45 pm

Audrey Tierney, PhD Senior Lecturer, University of Limerick, Ireland

5.55 pm

Stefania Ubaldi, MD, President, European Lifestyle Medicine Organization

6.05 pm

Labros Sidossis, PhDProfessor at Rutgers University
“Physical activity the Mediterranean way”

6.15 pm

Dr Elias Gourgouris, Psychologist

6.25 pm

Dr. Mathew Matsaganis, Associate Professor of Communication

6.35 pm

Beth Frates, Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD FACLM DipABLM Lifestyle Medicine
and Coaching President-Elect American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness, Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital “Key principles of behavior change”

Interactive Q&A Session:
6.45pm – 7:15pm

Facilitator: Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos

Invite panel members to join facilitator on the screen and direct questions to panel members to build a narrative on the 6 pillars applied to practice using a Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine approach.
• Can use case studies or scenarios that are pre-prepared.
• Use audience questions from the chat.