Review of ‘Eating Plant-based’ with Dr Helen Kini

Eating Plant-Based is a fantastic, well researched and evidenced book. It succinctly explains the current evidence around commonly asked questions regarding plant-based nutrition in an easy to read format. It addresses areas of interest, commonly asked questions and impact on specific medical conditions that may be influenced by nutrition choices in an easy to navigate way. It myth-busts using current evidence and provides practical tips to if you are considering exploring this nutrition approach or are just keen to understand more.

This book will be helpful for both healthcare professionals and patients to learn more around the clear and increasing evidence supporting a whole food plant-based approach to nutrition.

Working as an NHS GP with a passion for Lifestyle Medicine, it is so helpful to have trusted evidenced based resources to signpost patients to in order to incorporate a lifestyle medicine approach alongside conventional medicine. I will certainly be recommending this book to patients and colleagues interested in learning more around the science of eating-plant based.

Thank you Shireen and Zahra for your hard work creating this book.

Dr Helen Kini


NHS GP Partner/Trainer, Upton Group Practice

BSLM Regional Director Wirral

Co-founder of Flourish for Life – Lifestyle Medicine Clinic