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Science has always been at the heart of the Yakult company, since the microbiologist Dr Shirota selected and cultivated Lacticaseibacillus paracasei Shirota and produced the first bottle of Yakult in Japan in 1935. Continuing this passion for science, today Yakult supports independent research in hospitals, universities and institutes worldwide, including the UK and Ireland. Yakult remains at the forefront of scientific research and education, and is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in enhancing the understanding of the gut microbiota and health.

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Your gut is an incredible thing. And when you look after it, it looks after you. Symprove is a unique, water-based food supplement. It contains four strains of live and active bacteria. These are delivered to the gut to support the microbiome.

Symprove’s unique water-based formula is packed full of live, active bacteria. Because Symprove is water-based, it doesn’t trigger digestion. More live and active bacteria surviving passage through the stomach means a better opportunity to colonise the gut. This ability to deliver thriving bacteria is what makes Symprove so special and helps it to support your gut microbiome.

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GM Active is a collaboration of 12 leisure and community organisations from across Greater Manchester that all share the same aim – to get more people physically active so they can live healthier, happier and longer lives.

We manage the majority of the publicly owned leisure and physical activity assets on behalf of the 10 local authorities of Greater Manchester. Our two key assets are our staff and the 99 sports, leisure and wellness facilities run by our collaborative’s member organisations.

By sharing knowledge, expertise and resources between our organisations, we improve our services, deliver and co-produce the best, most cost-effective solutions to meet local needs.

We Move As One

By collaborating, we have a greater ‘real life’ impact for the people of Greater Manchester. Our ‘We Move As One’ strategy launched in 2022 underpins our current success with greater strategic direction and commercial sustainability.

It is based on four pillars:

Encouraging active lives for all and helping to reduce health inequalities

Supporting and driving effective system-wide collaboration with key partners.

Strengthening our resilience to ensure long-term sustainability.

Embedding environmental sustainability to support the region’s carbon-neutral ambitions.

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Holland & Barrett International is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe supplying its customers with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products. With over 145 years of experience in the industry, our name is a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the UK and is becoming increasingly more visible further afield, in markets as diverse as the Netherlands and Malta to the UAE, China and India.

Holland and Barrett are proud of their extensive specialist training programme which is unparalleled in the health supplement industry. Under their own unique ‘Natural Health Academy’, their associates are able to gain qualifications in the provision of health advice which are to ‘A’ level equivalent standard and officially recognised by the UK Government’s ‘Education Development International’ programme. This is the first recognised training scheme to cover health on the high street, and associates are fully trained in understanding product safety and contraindications for products, for example use during pregnancy. Their commitment means customers can confidently have access to clear and concise information to help them make informed product choices to match their needs.

They have recently introduced our healthy experts training allowing our associates to further specialise in key areas such as sports nutrition, natural beauty, supplements or food.

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Holly Health was founded with a vision to enable life-long behavioural changes, across physical and mental health, for millions of people.

Our team strongly believes in the approach of combining compassion and psychology, with technology, to support entire population groups to achieve lasting changes.

We are impact driven, love what we do, and are highly motivated to keep improving our service and business, through user-centred design approaches. Learn more about us by following the link below.

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HealthHubble is the UK’s leading and award-winning health and wellbeing platform, bringing choice and diversity of services directly to you at the click of a button.

Now more than ever we appreciate the need for accurate information, trusted advice, and reassurance when it comes to health and wellness choices. That’s why HealthHubble exists.

HealthHubble is proud to host over 23,000 clinics, therapists, and healthcare professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines from Physiotherapy to Dentistry, Doctors, Counsellors, and Psychologists. With the need to access services changing, we also support those offering online and remote consultations; making it easier and more convenient to find what you’re looking for.

With our roots firmly placed within healthcare, we understand the need for accessible information. We are honoured to work with an increasing number of authors, all experts within their own field, to provide a growing Knowledge Hub of articles to help both educate and signpost with care, integrity, and compassion.

Our community of professionals and businesses is growing every day and as such we are keen to support each and every clinic via our Business Hub – we showcase products, services, and ideas that can benefit each professional, team, and clinic, no matter what size, in delivering outstanding patient care.

The HealthHubble team is on hand at every step and looks forward to welcoming you, inspiring you, and supporting you.

Visit Health Hubble’s Website

As leaders in health foods, Linwoods aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of all our customers through nutritiously dense, healthy foods using the finest organic quality ingredients and sustainable production methods.
We want to make it easy for everyone to access nutrient rich seeds, fruits and nuts which are full of natural plant goodness. Because it’s the small things we do every day which can have the biggest impact on our health and wellbeing. And to make sure that our range of health foods can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, they are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarian diets and we source organic materials where possible.

Linwoods ingredients are sourced globally and carefully selected from the best suppliers and growers to ensure the highest quality and standards. The seeds, nuts and berries are then cold milled and blended by our expert team to deliver accessible, easy-to-use nutrition to health-conscious consumers around the world. Linwoods cold milling process breaks down the seed for easy digestion whilst retaining all the fibre and nutritional benefits contained within the whole seed.

Explore the full range on the Linwoods Website

The ELC Programme started in 2008 with a simple idea; how can we help health and care systems design services that improve peoples’ lives, based on a deep understanding of what matters most to the individual person, their family and support network?

In the early days, there really wasn’t much of a focus on co-design and improving experience of care – let alone on measuring outcomes related to people’s lives. We wanted to explore innovations in commissioning and care delivery, and develop new tools and ways of working that would make it easy to practice and plan at scale in a person-centred way.

We started by working with commissioners to help them make change in partnership with the people who use services and the staff delivering care. We called the approach we developed Experience Led Commissioning.

Over 10 years, we co-designed commissioning strategies literally thousands of people, families and clinical teams. Through those co-design conversations, we heard time and again, and quickly understood that the one to one appointments happening in clinic rooms across the NHS were not giving people the help and support they needed to take control of their health issues and change their lives.

It was tough, working to change the NHS commissioning model, and we realised that we could have a greater impact by working at grass roots to drive change in the way clinicians consult and work with people in their clinics – especially when they are supporting people who live with long term health issues.

That is why, in 2015, we switched our focus towards building capability within the NHS workforce to deliver face to face group consultations.

In the early days, many people doubted that patients would accept this as an alternative to one to one appointments, and the pioneering work we did with Slough Clinical Commissioning Group as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund in 2015/16 showed that the idea was both feasible and acceptable to patients and clinic teams. From this early success, we built, tested and iteratively improved a comprehensive practice development package. Up to March 2020, we had trained over 700 GP teams across England.

When the pandemic hit, face to face group consultations were no longer safe. We had already agreed to pilot a virtual model in 2020 with NHS England and Improvement. By March, it was clear that video group clinics (VGCs) could prove vital to supporting primary care to stay connected with its patients during Lockdown.

Over the ensuing 10 months, we worked in partnership with Redmoor Health and accelerated the video group clinic (VGC) programme, training over 700 teams by October 2020. This work won two HSJ Partnership Awards in recognition of the massive progress we had made, developing this innovative digital way of working in a very short time.

Explore more on the ELC Programme’s Website

Wild-Ness Retreats offers immersive educational experiences to health and wellbeing professionals and members of the general public centred around the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. The events are led by a community of clinical experts, holistic therapists, creative artists and personal trainers amidst the stunning blue and green landscapes of the Highlands. In addition to a programme of residential retreats bespoke events both in person and on-line can be created to meet the needs of your group or organisation. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Explore more on the Wild-Ness Website

Transforming communication in healthcare

Pogo Studio was founded as a digital development agency in 2017 and quickly established itself as a serious player on the Scottish digital scene, growing its client base across Scotland, the UK and internationally.

In late 2019 Pogo extended its offering to include its flagship information-sharing product Tailored Talks, developed in partnership with NHS Lothian, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, and The University of Edinburgh. In the wake of Tailored Talks’ success, Pogo Digital Healthcare was created as a division of the business specialising in the design and delivery of innovative software solutions for the healthcare sector.

Explore more on the Pogo’s Website

The LifeMed Community has Weekly Online Interactive Live Sessions Covering:

LifeMed Practice

Practical tools and support for creating your Lifestyle Medicine career in the NHS or privately.

LifeMed Clinical

Access to a multidisciplinary network to discuss case studies, collaborate and share best practice.

LifeMed Coaching

Improve your coaching skills with tools and techniques to support your patients and clients.

LifeMed Knowledge

Learn about Lifestyle Medicine and find new ways to implement it personally & professionally.

Explore more on LifeMedOnline’s Website

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