Dr Anna Katharina Huette

BSLM Regional Director Cornwall


About Anna Katharina Huette

As a GP as well as yoga teacher and health coach Anna is very passionate about the facilitation of self-management and the de-medicalisation of chronic conditions such as back pain.

Anna’s passion for Lifestyle Medicine led to her completing the Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine in 2018.
In 2019 Anna founded the Cornwall BSLM branch ‘Kernow BSLM’ and much enjoys organising empowering educational events for both health care profession and the public allowing individuals to feel in control of their own health and well-being.

Anna is currently combining regular work in the acute / out-of-hours setting with sessional work at GP surgeries in Cornwall.
Due to her vision to enable others to claim and enjoy their own health journey she completed her health coach training in 2019 and founded ‘An Mor Lifestyle Medicine by the Sea’ https://www.lifestylemedicinecoaching.co.uk/

Anna completed her medical degree in Germany in 2011 at which point her passion for surfing took her to the surfable coast of the UK. Anna worked for several years between Pembrokeshire, Devon and Cornwall before completing her GP training in Cornwall.

Anna’s sabbatical in 2017 took her to several tropical surf destinations, India as well as to Nepal where she very much enjoyed volunteering for the NGO PHASE Worldwide Nepal.

Anna received the ‘BSLM prize for Research/Evidence-based Care’ in June 2018 for her ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’(YHLB)-Pilot.
The pilot focused on the implementation of the gentle, beginner-friendly and evidence based 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’-programme for NHS patients with chronic back pain.
The ‘YHLB’-pilot showed impressive results not only in regard to reduction of pain, anxiety as well as depression but also regarding opioid medication use.

Anna remains part of the ‘YHLB’-Steering Committee and is always happy to be contacted by health care professionals who would like to offer this evidence based programme to their patients/community.