Dr Julie Gray

BSLM Regional Director NE Scotland, General Practitioner


About Julie Gray

Julie works as a GP in North East Scotland. She has a special interest in pre-hospital emergency care, being both a certified Instructor in this field and a pre-hospital emergency care responder. She has a few years experience also working as a Forensic Medical Examiner, only recently retiring from this role to allow opportunity to expand her interests in lifestyle medicine.

In day to day practice she works with a largely deprived socio-economic patient population and thus has a lot of exposure to patients suffering from chronic diseases and multiple co-morbidities. She has always believed lifestyle modifications to play just as crucial a role in the management of such complex patients and their diseases and to have a huge impact on patients’ emotional, psychological and physical well-being. When she first heard about the BSLM she felt an instant affinity to the Society and its members who mirror her views. Moving forward she is optimistic that evidence-based lifestyle medicine strategies will eventually become an intrinsic component of modern clinical practice.

Julie practices what she preaches in that she immerses herself, alongside her family, in various sporting activities and strives to attain a high level of fitness and well-being. She personally attests to the psychological and physical benefits of good nutrition having made changes to her own lifestyle in recent years.