Dr Michael Banna

BSLM Regional Director South England


About Michael Banna

Mike Banna (@drmikethe2nd) is a GP in West Sussex, and his interest in lifestyle medicine was sparked by his own fitness journey. Having spent most of his life overweight and inactive and being on and off different diets, he set himself a 5 year plan about 5 years ago, and this time it worked. This got him thinking about what works (and why it works) to effect lifestyle change and he set out to try and learn more about nutrition and mindset. He believes that while science and evidence are fundamental to lifestyle change, they fall flat without a balanced real-world approach. He has written articles for Spectator Health, GrenadeFit, and Pulse, as well as a personal blog on Medium, and in a bid to promote balance as part of a healthy lifestyle was recently involved in a YouTube series on gin (Fit TV).