Chris Freer

About Chris Freer

I have been a businessman for most of my working life however, in 2002 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My journey with this illness has been an interesting one.

My first marriage was failing and in 2007 with the future looking bleak, I made a serious attempt at taking my life. Now many would believe that it was a very bad day and yes to a point it was. Yet, it was also a day when I realised that I could not get any lower and I decided to set out to change my life.
In 2008 my neurologist delivered the news that I was now secondary progressive and there were no drugs available to halt the progression he would continue to see me on a yearly appointment and hope for a breakthrough in the drugs available.

In his opinion with the way the disease progresses, I would be in a wheelchair by 2012. This did start to become my reality and I used the wheelchair more and more. However, one day whilst out in my wheelchair I was looking across the estuary near where I live. I heard a voice inside me say “fight back”. It was a surreal moment of clarity! I began to research and learn as much as I could about the condition I had. With this newly acquired knowledge I started to formulate a strategy to take back control of my mind and body. I studied exercise, diet, functional movement, and mindset practice. It is not a quick fix and even to this day I still learn more about elements that can improve my health and wellbeing. I am now happy to report the wheelchair is parked in the garage and only comes out on the odd occasion.

I am proud to be Patient voice director for BSLM and hope my story will encourage others to think long and hard about their life style, and consider what they need to change.