Dr Ifeoma Monye


BSLM Regional Director, General Practitioner, Family Physician, Lifestyle Physician


About Ifeoma Monye

Dr. Ifeoma Monye is a GP, Consultant Family Physician and a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, with a holistic approach to providing healthcare; using conventional and lifestyle medicine frameworks. From very early on in her career, she realized that the appreciation of the connection between our mind, lifestyle, the environment we live in, our social connections and the body, all play a critical role in our state of health and wellbeing. This has underpinned her passion for Lifestyle Medicine for several years now. She has recently returned to the NHS, having spent the last decade, providing Leadership in Nigeria in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. After the completion of her General Practice training in London, UK, in 2001, she went over to Africa with a keen interest to contribute in the establishment of centers of excellence in post graduate training of Family Physicians in Nigeria. A deeply analytical mind, she provides passionate team leadership in the provision of primary and secondary clinical care to patients. A panache that helped her in pioneering Family Medicine Practice in Nigeria with the 2003 establishment of a Department of Family Medicine (incorporating Lifestyle Medicine) at the National Hospital, Abuja, a department she led for eleven years, before bowing out to join the Global movement in Lifestyle Medicine.