Dr Rob Lawson


East Linton

About Rob Lawson

Having qualified in Medicine in 1975, Rob gained extensive experience as a GP in Scotland. His principal interests have been primary and secondary prevention of disease and the specialty of Lifestyle Medicine. As well as leading his NHS team to the highest awards for quality (2003-2013) he founded a charity in 1991 providing weekly activity and support in venues around East Lothian for people living with long term conditions including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, lung disease and frailty. He has retired from clinical practice to concentrate on the applications of Lifestyle Medicine to healthcare. In 2016 he co-founded BSLM, a registered charity, to promote the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to healthcare professionals and the public.

He currently serves as chair of the BSLM, President of the European Lifestyle Medicine Council, Vice President of the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute and member of the Executive Committee of the World Lifestyle Medicine Organisation.

He can be contacted at office@bslm.org.uk.

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