Dr Chetna Patel


About Chetna Patel


GP, BSLM Regional Director – London.

Chetna is a Portfolio GP working in Central London with extended roles in Long Covid and Respiratory Medicine. She completed her GP training in the North West of England. Chetna has a background in science with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Genetics and acquired her Lifestyle Medicine diploma in 2020. Her Post-CCT experience includes Palliative Medicine, Acute Covid Services and Virtual Wards.
Chetna’s journey into Lifestyle Medicine started with her love of Yoga. Learning to optimise her own health and wellbeing naturally incorporated all aspects of Lifestyle Medicine into her daily routine. This was in parallel to working in healthcare and recognising the value of a holistic approach to disease management and prevention. Chetna strives to reduce health inequalities by implementing Lifestyle Medicine into communities of lower socio-economic class and diverse ethnicities. She has developed expertise in Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness.
Chetna is optimistic that her role as London Regional Lifestyle Lead will allow BSLM members to connect regularly and form a community of like-minded professionals. She is keen for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and learning to facilitate others to achieve their professional goals and purpose.