Dr Charlotte Marriott

Consultant Psychiatrist

About Charlotte Marriott

I am an NHS Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist specialising in Early Intervention in Psychosis 3 days a week. In my NHS role I am a clinical and educational supervisor, an appraiser and a postgrad tutor with research and teaching interests.

On the other days I further my interest in lifestyle medicine and lifestyle psychiatry and am working towards the BSLM diploma. I have started up a private business, The Lifestyle Psychiatrist, offering lifestyle medicine interventions for optimal mental health and well-being, and have an Instagram page by the same name where I post bits of evidence and inspiration, etc. My website is www.thelifestylepsychiatrist.co.uk

I am a registered and insured yoga teacher.

I am a Director of The Clearing CIC, a social enterprise that reintroduces people from disadvantaged groups to nature to benefit their physical and mental health.

I have two kids.

I think that’s most of the things I do ?