Dr Andrew Morrice


Clinical Educator, General Practitioner, Psychotherapist


About Andrew Morrice

I was educated in Somerset, England, and at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School and University College London. As a student I co-led the London students group of the British Holistic Medical Association. Following my House Office year I also spent two years pursuing my interest in the History of Medicine at the Wellcome Institute culminating in my MD. Between 1998 and 2018 I worked as a GP with responsibility for a list, the last 18 of these years being as a partner in a large and extremely busy teaching practice serving a mixed population south of Bristol and Bath.

My interest in holistic approaches led me to train in the Human Givens approach to psychological therapy, and I have had a keen interest in, and knowledge of nutritional science since my last year at school. For 16 years I taught on the award-winning Whole Person Care course at Bristol Medical School.

During the last 35 years, whilst various concepts have come in and out of fashion, there has been a remarkable growth in the scientific backing for what used to be fairly ‘alternative’ ideas. My work as a historian of medicine taught me that a similar “health” movement in the 1920s petered out due to changes in the focus of medical research, and hope that our more robust evidence base will help secure the place of whole-person approaches in the future.

In 2018 I stepped aside from my NHS GP partnership in order to develop these ideas further in the form of CPD events for clinicians, and to make more time for my work as a psychological therapist. Currently through JoinedUpHealth I provide a half-day course on depression funded by the Human Givens Institute and offer a two day course organised around the framework of innate needs and resources called ‘The Lost Update’. The fundamental driver behind all my work is to help patients, clients and colleagues find greater clarity and satisfaction in their life and work.

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