Lifestyle Medicine in Physiotherapy Practice (ATO life) – Lifestyle Medicine in Practice

Healthcare Professionals, Patients, Public, BSLM Members

‘Incorporating Lifestyle Medicine into physiotherapy practice involves a holistic approach aimed at improving people’s overall health and wellbeing. ATO life. was founded by Abi Onuoha and is built on the foundation of optimising three key elements of health and wellbeing: physical, mental and social. It is understood that good health encompasses more than just the absence of physical symptoms; it involves nurturing a balance across these different dimensions.

Through health education, exercise therapy and active collaboration with patients and clients, at ATO life., we strive to empower individuals to take ownership of their health journey. This is done by providing education on lifestyle factors and how they can impact injuries, long-term conditions and overall health and wellbeing. We then work to equip people with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about sustainable lifestyle change.

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