‘How to Live’ – A Book Review

‘How to Live’ is written by Professor Robert Thomas, one of Britain’s leading oncologists. He is well known for integrating lifestyle strategies into mainstream management of patients. He is also unique in that he heads an exercise, lifestyle and dietary research unit which has published hundreds of original studies across the World. So, you can certainly trust the credibility of the wealth of information within its 464 pages.

These original studies, as well as other evidence from major centres, are skilfully explained throughout the book supported by 500 references. It is very relevant for students and professionals interested in lifestyle medicine. Despite this depth of knowledge, it is easily readable, has many thought-provoking personal stories and humorous anecdotes. So it is highly recommended for anyone who wants the tools and knowledge to improve their health.

‘How to Live’ demystifies the role of the genes we were born with and how they are affected by the lifestyle choices we make every day. It explains how simple changes to our diet and routine can optimise our immunity efficiency and help prevent premature aging, degenerative diseases and our biggest killers which are cancer, heart disease and diabetes. And even in relation to acute infections such the current viral pandemic.

It is a comprehensive overview that can be dipped in and out of and digested at your own speed.
This book describes how we can get the best out of our bodies for work and exercise performance and, above all, ‘How to Live’ with the lowest risk of disease and highest chance of personal satisfaction.

Declaration: Prof Rob Thomas has been a regular and popular speaker at our BSLM events.

Rob Lawson