The ‘Lost’ Update

Two-day course provided by Joined Up Health which aims to provide participants with an overview of how health is created, and how neuropsychology can help us make life better, either for our patients, or ourselves. The BSLM-accredited course offers practical tools and fresh insights for complex and chronic illness.

There are many ‘Update’ Courses available, on a variety of topics. What makes this one – covering many aspects of Lifestyle Medicine – different?

Past attendees have described this course as going deeper into physiology and background science than other lifestyle training. This is important as the links between what we call ‘lifestyle’ and core biomedicine aren’t always obvious.

Crucially this includes the way our neuropsychology influences everything we do, from the dynamics of everyday clinical encounters, our capacity to clearly understand what we need for health, as well as understanding the tools for helping people change their lives.

Feedback indicates that attendees have valued the presenter’s many years of clinical experience – with all its ups and downs – and whilst the course is practically grounded, the inclusion of perspectives from history, therapy and philosophy has helped enrich the learning.

It has been designed to be more like a ‘buffet’ than a ‘set menu’ in that it is recognised that people will take what they need at the time they attend, and this can vary in emphasis.

Thus it can serve as an introduction – perhaps for more sceptical colleagues – or a way of integrating what you already have learned, or both.

The two days are a pair of days a week apart. The presentation mode in Zoom is innovative and easier to engage with than is usually the case, and there is plenty of time for breakout discussions, breaks and physical activity through the days.

Two-day course: paired days

    • October 7th & 14th 2020 (Wednesdays)
    • November 6th & 13th 2020 (Fridays)
    • December 2nd & 9th 2020 (Wednesdays)
    • January 13th & 20th 2021 (Wednesdays)

(further dates may be scheduled for February and March)

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