Sleep Super Conference

If you’re not getting restful sleep, don’t miss this FREE event! The Sleep Super Conference!

Poor sleep can impact EVERY area of our lives…

Wreaking havoc at our jobs and in our relationships, and holding us back from living our fullest lives.

If you struggle with getting restorative sleep, or you’d just like to get BETTER rest overall, why not join the online Sleep Super Conference.

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It’s a FREE online event featuring 40+ of the world’s most trusted sleep and wellness experts, who will be covering everything from the science of sleep to sleep hygiene routines, mindfulness practices, gut health and sleep, progressive muscle relaxation, and much more!

Plus, the event is packed with all kinds of awesome BONUS content including yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions to help you start regulating your nervous system and getting better rest right away.

We spend about 30% of our entire life sleeping, so it’s critical that we get GOOD sleep in order to ensure that the rest of our lives run optimally.

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As a bonus, when you sign up for the 2022 Sleep Super Conference, you’ll be given INSTANT access to 5 FREE REGISTRATION GIFTS to help launch your healing journey. These gifts include:

  • lex Howard’s The 4 Pillars of Deep Sleep Webinar
  • Dr Ellen Vora’s video interview on “Anxiety and Sleep Anatomy”
  • Dr Christopher Winter’s video interview on “How to Fix Broken Sleep”
  • Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith’s video interview on “The 7 Types of Rest”
  • Exclusive Sleep Tracker resource