Raising Kids on a Plant-Based Diet: A practical and informative overview with Sam Gould RD

This course gives a general overview of key nutrient considerations for plant-based kids and how to en-sure their needs are met in a practical sense.

During this challenging time for the world, we are finding new ways to connect with each other. We are excited to launch our educational webinar series. Live webinars, held on a fortnightly basis, will focus on topics including lifestyle medicine, nutrition and mental health and real life patient stories.

Each webinar lasts one hour with the opportunity for Live Q&A in the final 20-25 minutes after a 30-35 minute presentation. Questions can be submitted in advance or via the Zoom chat function.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the 10 key nutrients that require special attention for children following plant based diets and why they are important.
  • Be able to give examples of foods that provide these nutrients.
  • Explain how absorption of key nutrients can be maximised in a practical sense.

By the end of the presentation you should feel more confident knowing what nutrients are important for children following plant-based diets. If you are a healthcare provider, you should feel more confident supporting your patients following a plant-based diet.

CPD Accredited with 1 CPD Hour from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and CME accredited for the Lifestyle Medicine 5 Year Maintenance of Certifi-cation.

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