PBHP Webinar – Plants for Joints

Researchers Wendy Walrabenstein, RD and Carlijn Wagenaar, MD will present “Plants for Joints.” This randomised controlled trial assessed the effectiveness a multidisciplinary lifestyle program with a plant-based diet in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or osteoarthritis (OA) and metabolic syndrome.

About the PBHP UK Webinar Series

During this challenging time for the world, we are finding new ways to connect with each other. Our live educational webinar series focus on topics relating to plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, planetary health and real-life patient stories.

Each webinar lasts one hour with the opportunity for Live Q&A in the final 20-25 minutes after a 30-35 minute presentation. Questions can be submitted in advance or via the Zoom chat function.

The participant will learn how a well-planned plant-based diet can support their health, physical performance, and recovery and be confident that they can get all protein and other nutrients they need to build and repair muscle. The presentation provides scientific evidence showing that plant-based diets do not hinder performance, as well as practical examples of meals to help participants create a healthy plant-based eating plan to meet their training goals.

The webinar will also review areas of controversy, areas of active research and topics which would benefit from further research.

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • What health effects can be seen in people with RA or OA who follow a lifestyle program like Plants for Joints (whole-food plant-based diet, exercise, stress & sleep management)
  • What is the relationship between rheumatic diseases like RA and OA and lifestyle behavior?
  • What lifestyle changes can you recommend to people with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthrosis?
  • What are the barriers and facilitators for people with RA and OA as well as health care professionals when implementing sustainable lifestyle changes?

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About Wendy Walrabenstein, RD and Carlijn Wagenaar, MD

Wendy Walrabenstein, RD and Carlijn Wagenaar, MD are PhD students at Amsterdam UMC and researchers at Reade where they work on the Plants for Joints project under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dirkjan van Schaardenburg.
After studying economics, Wendy worked in international finance for 15 years. After this, she trained as a dietician at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where she is now also a lecturer-researcher. Wendy wrote the book Food Body Mind as preliminary research for Plants for Joints which she developed together with Dirkjan. She works from her own lifestyle therapy practice and is also a board member of the Physicians Association for Nutrition in the Netherlands.

After a childhood spent practicing elite sports in the United States, Carlijn studied medicine in Groningen (The Netherlands), where she gained interest into the effects of (plant-based) nutrition on health. Before graduation, she had already joined the Plants for Joints team, working initially as a research associate, and, after graduating as a medical doctor, starting as a PhD student in 2021. She is also a board member of the Physicians Association for Nutrition in the Netherlands.