PBHP Webinar – Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice in 2023

A review of evidence-based nutrition practice in 2023 with Dr Shireen Kassam, Founder and Director of PBHP UK and editor of the textbook Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice

About the PBHP UK Webinar Series

During this challenging time for the world, we are finding new ways to connect with each other. Our live educational webinar series focus on topics relating to plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, planetary health and real-life patient stories.

Each webinar lasts one hour with the opportunity for Live Q&A in the final 20-25 minutes after a 30-35 minute presentation. Questions can be submitted in advance or via the Zoom chat function.

This webinar will provide participants with up-to-date knowledge on evidence-based nutrition practice through the review of consensus guidelines and recommendations from the international medical community. It will cover recommendations for dietary patterns that are optimal for both human and planetary health.

The webinar will also review areas of controversy, areas of active research and topics which would benefit from further research.

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • To understand the consensus on diet, nutrition and health as evidenced by disease-specific guidelines
  • To discuss areas of nutrition science which give rise to controversy
  • To highlight topics of active research that will benefit future nutrition practice

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About Dr Shireen Kassam, MBBS, PhD, FRCPath, dipIBLM

Dr Shireen Kassam is a Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of lymphoma. She is also a Visiting-Professor at University of Winchester, Hampshire, where she has developed and facilitates the UK’s first University-based course on plant-based nutrition.

Shireen is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease and for maintaining optimal health after treatment for cancer. In 2019 she became certified as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and is also a CHIP facilitator.

Shireen founded Plant-Based Health Professionals UK in 2018, a non-profit, membership organisation whose mission is to provide evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition. In January 2021, she co-founded and launched the UK’s first regulated, plant-based, lifestyle medicine healthcare service Plant Based Health Online.

Shireen qualified as a doctor in 2000. During her training, she completed a PhD, which investigated the role of selenium in sensitising cancer cells to chemotherapy. Shireen has published a number of peer-reviewed papers in the field of lymphoma. Her first book, Eating Plant-Based, Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions, co-authored with her sister Zahra, was published in January 2022. She has also co-edited the textbook Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice, published in September 2022.